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  1. Hi All I have a 2010 TDCI Focus. I have been researching running with 28sec heating oil, has anyone got any experience in running with this oil? I know the tax man won't like it but I don't like the level of tax he has on a gallon of standard diesel either. I have read that a 20:1 mix of kerosene and veg oil would be almost identical to the real thing and to quote off another forum "Kerosene has a slightly lower lubricity than diesel. Diesel engines rely to a great extent on the lubricity of the fuel to lubricate the upper cylinder of the engine and the valve gear. Use kerosene and you will lose that lubrication. In addition, kerosene will have a tendency to dissolve any deposits that build up in a diesel engine, including the thin layer of deposits on the surface of the cyclinders which will cause the oil seal and compression rings to lose a little of their effectiveness. This can be overcome by adding a slightly heavier oil to the kerosene to replace the lubricity missing from the fuel. The perfect additive to kerosene to make it perform as well as diesel is something like rapeseed oil or sunflower oil. In fact, a 20:1 mix of kerosene and vegetable oil has almost all of the properties of diesel…an almost identical cetane rating, approximately the same energy content, lubricity and a viscocity of 35 seconds" My question is, will it be ok to run it in my Focus using this 20:1 ratio? Kind regards.