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  1. On the multimedia screen, there is an orange cog in the bottom left corner. What is for? TIA
  2. We changed the NS shaft on a 2009 Fiesta at the weekend. Hub was off as we were replacing the bearings too. One tug and a tap on the shaft and it came out. As did most of the gearbox oil! We weren’t expecting the shaft to come out so easily.
  3. My daughters Fiesta had a knocking noise too. Both bottom ball joints were shot. We replaced both of the control arms, it cost us £12 more to buy the complete units than buying just the ball joints. We got them at the local motor factors.
  4. My son fitted a set to his Fiesta, self tapers into the bumper and silly aluminium brackets that screwed onto the wheel arch liner. It was the same front and back. Not sure if the brackets are available separately though, might be worth searching eBay.
  5. Ended up buying three sockets, the one I needed is specific to Ford. It is the right size to take the old sensor out but is to short internally to put the new one in. Lucky I bought three! Anyhow, the old sensor was in tight, very tight. Two foot breaker bar and a 14 stone man giving it large got it to move. Internal threads were ok, so new sensor went in easily with a bit of high temp grease on the threads.
  6. I was meaning grinding a socket. Have ended up buying the proper socket, £5.99 free post
  7. £6 or so for a Lamba socket, I’ll just get one or make my 22mm one into one! Grinder at the ready!
  8. Looked at the eBay offerings, a few different sizes. Cheers for the info
  9. Can’t get a ring spanner onto it, lambda socket is only a few pounds
  10. Daughters Fiestas eml light came on last night. Put the code reader on today, P0030 fault. O2 sensor. Two questions, are the cheap replacement sensors from eBay worth it or are they rubbish? What size sensor socket do I need to get it out?
  11. Well this has developed further. The boot now opens all by itself and the interior lights come on and flash. Its off to Ford for further investigation!
  12. Looks wouldnt/don’t bother me but it’s everything to a 17 year old! I was probably the same at her age.
  13. I was thinking on putting steel wheels on it but she is not having any of that!
  14. It’s needed for my daughters mk7 zetec s. She hit a pot hole! A rim on its own is fine. A few on eBay but the ones she can afford won’t post
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