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  1. ive got one if anyone can help: ive got a mk1 focus with a locked steering wheel, the thing is old and hasnt ran in a while, the barrel is toast and i cant get the steering lock to come off, it was parked with the wheel turned almost fully left. i dont need the barrel there if it needs to go, i just need it to start and turn as it will be going for scrap soon
  2. I get you, same ***** but i was told about the rack at a garage, but when i pulled out the headlight to check the steering fluid reservoir it hadn't been touched (still caked in dust around the cap which hadnt been disturbed) Ultimately it is probably the rack,mine had small metal fragments in the reservoir so thats never a good sign to be honest
  3. Im not an oracle of this site So i say do it..
  4. exactly, ill find out once ive checked. safe to say im willing to try and do any job required, whether or not I succeed...
  5. absolutely mate, ill see what some garages come up with and drop a reply here, cheers for the replies. hopefully they dont rule the car as scrap haha
  6. Ill take it to a few garages for their feedback and if it is the case ill probably go reconditioned, new tie rods etc.
  7. Hi all, this is my first interaction on this site so forgive if ive missed a thread somewhere. to give a brief rundown of my MK2's issue, whenever I turn at slower speeds or when parked, I hear a creaking sound (happens when turned in either direction.) some of the symptoms of this from what I can tell is a loud whirring from the power steering pump but I cant tell if the aux belt is the issue here. it also tends to chew up the offside tyres more than normal which obviously indicates its coming from this side. I have already taken it to a garage who "diagnosed" it as a steering rack issue, but im tempted to disagree having not yet gone to an alternative garage to prove if this is right or wrong. the latest mot gave me an "offside front lower suspension arm ball joint has slight play" which potentially could be related to this. im also a bit low on power and initially got 5 different fault codes, but doing an oil change, running it in with redex and getting a new air filter have gotten rid of all codes apart from a p1000 which im told is fairly generic. it had a P138B (glow plug module?) but this went when redex was dropped in the tank. needs a new clutch too... if anyone else has had this issue then id be grateful to hear about it