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  1. Hi Dan, does the dash cam have to be of a certain make to get a discount. The reason I ask is, I am completely mistyfied by the different dash cams and different prices on the market. The prices range from about £10 to hundreds so what are the differences?
  2. I wondered if I should fit a Dash Cam , I think insurance companies allow a discount if fitted. Any one fitted one , if so, can you give any tips on make , fitting , etc.
  3. I also own a 1.5 tdci Cmax , and up to now really enjoy the car . What would be the advantage of the ecoboost?
  4. Never found mine to to be obscured as much as that. Bu if it was you can still use mirrors. So yeh worth having.
  5. You can still use the mirrors , camera gives added protection in my view. ( Excuse the pun )
  6. Not as easy as that, some models require rear bumper off to trace wiring . Just thought some one might have fitted one , and know the colour code and easiest access point /pickup point.
  7. I do and I have and only been on this forum for a few months
  8. I think this post has got people talking, so that cant be bad .Well done guys.
  9. Hope you soon get it sorted Penfold, unfortunately modern cars are harder to fix than their older counterparts.
  10. Think your right Tim, but as said before this thread has got posters doing exactly what I was after. Before I changed back to a Ford I had a Renault Captur and that forum was very active .
  11. At least it's woke some of you up ! Surely the original posters could come back and tell us how thing have worked out since they started their threads. Some posts have been on years with no reports. Also can anyone tell me why a new post does not go to the top of the pile.
  12. Come on guys surely some of you could contribute to some posts. Many posts have been unanswered for years ! Say something or the site might die.