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  1. I'm still hitting a brick wall cant get through to anyone , Bank ,travel company . I have forwarded emails but just getting a load of woffal back that does not lead anywhere. Anyone had any luck.
  2. Well i'm just coming up to 20,000mls so possibly I might get the same problem , I'll keep my eye on them.
  3. So if that's acceptable to you then OK.
  4. If they are fastened correctly they should be firm.
  5. Spagball, As this is your third post on the same theme . I would look round for another car as you are obviously not happy with the one you are looking at. If you do buy it it will be in the back of your mind and really you won't enjoy the car.
  6. Mine are not loose ,had the off side one out to cure a washer bottle fault. They are fastened with both clips and studs, If any are missing can get local store or Ebay,
  7. What tyres are fitted , I own the same car, same year etc, sometimes mine sounds the same , But then on a smoother road it disappears .So been thinking it might be the tyres which are Michelin Primacy as the sound would be there on any surface if it were bearings.
  8. Is it there when you drive? Don't want to worry you but it 'Could be DMF ' I had similar on an Honda CRV.
  9. Anyone had a refund? Ive tried and tried to contact ,but cant get anywhere .Even my bank (on line ) just cant get anywhere , just the stupid CHAT talking to a machine. really peees me off .
  10. looks good ,What happened to the original one?
  11. I own a 2016 cmax Titanium auto , I have not had any problems as yet . Really love it should have had an auto sooner.
  12. I think its totally against the law, and prosecutable . If you can get away with this then surely this is open to stolen cars fitting a scraped cars identity. I think you should apply for a new one through DVLA . Yes it will cost you but would be legal.
  13. Sat Nav's an extra another cunning trick really most companies do the same .