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  1. Have you tried using the headlamp lifter R/H side low level, next to the dash illuminator switch?
  2. Thanks for that Pete .
  3. How far in front of the vehicle does the camera show? could you use it to park up close?
  4. Yes same probs, would front camera show low enough?
  5. Jinyu's are a budget tyre but I had them fitted all round on a CRV all round , and found them a good tyre.
  6. This post really annoys me, why allow it on this site if its not operable?
  7. Anyone else having trouble forward parking . The C max bonnet seems to dip down out of site so you don't really know how close you are to say the garage door etc. .I know you tend to find distance of your car with usage but unfortunately her indoors is having probs. Anyone any tips apart from front sensors.
  8. Hi, mines a Titanium with sat nav but think this was an extra. Think also the Titanium X should have sat nav as standard.
  9. A small '' A '' will show in green on the dash.
  10. Use a piggy back fuse , bought off ebay
  11. That don't look great, is it a 09 or a 19 as your info states 2019. Either way its , I run with AC on all the time now its winterish I still get over 45mpg with my 1500 tdci auto.
  12. If it has a switch then it should have auto stop. If switched on the car will cut out when stopped say at traffic lights etc. ( sometimes ) Depending o the charge in the battery.
  13. The horn sound on the C max is pathetic ,anyone changed it ?
  14. Have you tried a breakers yard or Ebay. thought it would have a cover when new.