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  1. Main dealer £258....Local garage £240...Have used local before so went for him. Main dealer not a very good reviews, but both doing same service.
  2. My quotes have been between £150 / £280 including first MOT.
  3. I mean a full filter, oil change, , brake inspection, tyres, etc.
  4. What do you think is a reasonable price for a full service ?
  5. I owned a 1985 XR3i just over a year old when I bought it, It had all the kit on and at that time went like a rocket, I keep it about 2 1/2yrs and then progressed to a RS Turbo , what a car that was . Had it broken into at Doncaster, it never felt the same after that ,so changed for a BMW 318is.
  6. emailed them but not ha a reply..
  7. Are they no mods to sort it out. Why include it on the site if it doesn't work.
  8. Anyone reviewed their C max on the link. I wondered if their review had been published. I have done two reviews over the past 3 weeks but they have not been published and I wondered Why ?
  9. I own a 1.5tdci , I average around 47 to 50 .I am quite satisfied with that.
  10. Don't think it makes much difference as there isn't much room for storage in the wheel bay.
  11. I'm talking about wheel sizes meaning not to mix a 17" and a 16" together on same axle. If you have a puncture repair or a space saver included with your car, then they are suited to your ( or should be ) car. I once bought a car that I didn't realise had different size wheels on the front ,on my way home the car was all over the road due to this. This is the point I am trying to make.
  12. You must really IMO suit all wheels at correct sizing. But I thought all Titaniums came with 17" wheels suited correct to your car. So if correct your car should have a spare suitable
  13. I own a 2016 Ford C-Max 1.5tdci titanium, I hear a lot about the Focus C max . So what is the difference between the two ?
  14. Yes the seat height on the C max suits our taste , just slide in no bending needed. The main problem for me with most other cars is, you tend to be sitting on the floor.
  15. Hi Dan, does the dash cam have to be of a certain make to get a discount. The reason I ask is, I am completely mistyfied by the different dash cams and different prices on the market. The prices range from about £10 to hundreds so what are the differences?