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  1. Another problem with MOTs if you have to wait for your car then only a limited number can sit in waiting room. God man don't you watch TV or read newspapers. Of course pubs etc ( especially at weekends ) cause the R rate to increase if everyone did what they are told we wouldn't be in this MESS ..........Baaaaaa
  2. Agree but the fuse numbers are not on my fuse board
  3. Yes agree but the fuses they state are 69 & 79 , but these are not on my fuse board .
  4. Yesterday found my radio would not switch on , also the voice control and touch screen did not work either. I looked on Youtube and some video's show removing a fuse for a short time to solve this problem. I wondered if anyone else had , had this problem , If so does this work ?
  5. HI Stoney, That's part of the problem it only lets me put the first letter of the postcode. Example I tried to put an Harrogate code into it, it only let me put in the ' H ' then pre-empted my destination with 3 alternative's which were not right. As for sync 2 or 3 I don't know, mines a 2016 maybe you can tell me what sync it is ?
  6. Anyone know the easy way to set a destination on the satnav. Why does it NOT give you the full amount of letters to set up a post code. It took longer to fix a destination than the time to get there. Baaaaaa
  7. Anyone know what factory fitted alarm is fitted to the C max ?
  8. I'm still hitting a brick wall cant get through to anyone , Bank ,travel company . I have forwarded emails but just getting a load of woffal back that does not lead anywhere. Anyone had any luck.
  9. Well i'm just coming up to 20,000mls so possibly I might get the same problem , I'll keep my eye on them.