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  1. Good to hear your progress - hopefully that will sort it.
  2. No problem, I hope you get it sorted. I could fill a forum with my mistakes, but I think the best (worst?) was putting toothpaste on a razor....... It don't half sting !
  3. They are all listed in the Haynes manual - too many too transcribe !
  4. Checked all the fuses ? Or just Fuse 44, 3A fed from ignition switch.then to pin 2 of radio connector. Anything else not working?
  5. I bought a set of these, that come in a selection of "matching" colours. On their web page they mention mobile installers, (but I did mine myself to a grey 2007 Fiesta Zetec S and they match very well).so they might be able to recommend some one. These are not the cheapest, but I thought quality was pretty good, and the sensors are on tails, rather than one long cable to the box. Work Well
  6. Another trick is to turn it off a few miles before you stop. Everything gets hot, and kills off any bacteria.
  7. Being a bit of an anorak.... I reset mine at service/oil change, but do run a spread sheet that gives tank mpg, overall mpg, cost per mile, miles per al !
  8. If you take the seat out (disconnect seat belt pretensioner plug, remove head rest, four torx bolts), upturn seat, and seat base is easily removable with (i think) just two bolts. This gives easy access to where the two cable ends go into the catch.
  9. This is from a Fiesta - but may be correct as Haynes Manual is same for both. There is also a fan relay in the internal fuse box, but should be identifiable from the sticker on the back of the glove box. The relay in the engine is for the "high speed", bypassing the slow speed resistor
  10. What might break a plastic tab like that might be over tightening the screw - On a Puma radiator grille I just araldited another strip of plastic over the top.
  11. This sounds weird..... Do we assume that all the controls/radio/hvac etc function correctly and the dash light dimmer control works ? Haynes manual shows one output from the dimmer going to an "unspecified joint or connector" without any additional feed all the other illumination, but it is only "typical", not ST specific. I do no that if the oil temperature gauge does not move, to get it to work again, you disconnect the battery for 5 mins........
  12. Puma is very similar... If you have a late '98 - '02. I have no knowledge of the '02 -'08 type......
  13. Getting back to the seats.... Are there any differences with airbags and pretensioner arrangements ? I believe there was options on extra airbags but not sure if they were in the seats. Assuming the Style is also two door, you might want to renew the seat back release handles before you swap the seats, which is quite easy, to get the seats out, disconnect battery, disconnect pretensioner plug, remove head restraint, and undo the four torx bolts, lift out seat, then remove ten years of accumulated dust from under the seat! I found a dirty sock under my passenger seat, possibly from the previous owner !
  14. I like that spec : "5. Video Colour: Colourful" NTSC is an abbrieviation : "Never the same Colour" Like NICAM - "Never intended to carry any Music" and Polaris - P***** off, looking after rockets in Submarines....... PAL is "Phase Alternate Line" if my memory serves me correctly.