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  1. A bit of a drive for you then, (especially with "Smart Motorway" work on M27 !!!) as they are in Millbrook, Southampton, but some customers come further than that to use them. I have been using them for about twelve years. Specialist Ford, especially RS cars. they are very good, Google them.
  2. I think the biggest Ford did was a 16mm dia
  3. Increasing tyre pressures does reduce rolling resistance, at the expense of reduced contact patch area. If you live in Hampshire, would you not take your Ford to Tremona in Southampton ?
  4. I think the best place to post this is on XROC forum - when was the RS Turbo built ?
  5. I would stick to what is states on the B post and manual.
  6. Glad to hear that, keep the shiny side up!
  7. Should you use the wrong grease on the slide pins, the rubber expands and they are no longer sliders....
  8. Touch wood - not had any problem on a '60 plate Titanium. Control box all dry and connections OK ? I have put a set of "Dolphin" sensors on a 57 plate Fiesta, not the cheapest but looks like a good kit and work well so far. They appear to have three very similar websites! The sensors are available in "matching" colours, two sizes and match my sea grey bumper very well. To change the sensors on the Fusion, you will probably need to drill out the four black rivets when you remove the bumper, then you will need a set of "Lazy Tongs" pop riveter to fit it back on!
  9. Quote from Fusion Handbook below which states that if you need a passenger airbag deactivation switch, that goes in the glove compartment, and the indicator on the panel - Haynes suggests core colours for indicator are GN/OG and BK/RD. Does that correspond to your plug and wire ? : Fitting the passenger airbag deactivation switch WARNING If you need to fit a child restraint on a seat protected by an operational airbag in front of it, have a passenger airbag deactivation switch fitted. Ask your dealer for further information. Note: The key switch is located in the glove compartment with an airbag deactivation lamp in the instrument panel.
  10. I have a recollection is that the wire may be airbag de-activation for the passenger airbag when a baby seat is in the front seat ?
  11. Have you taken the trim off by the door handle to access the connection on the driver's side switch ? Or checked the door wiring connector by the driver's door hinges? If the passenger door is working correctly, and nothing from the driver's door, then surely the fault is somewhere on the driver's side.
  12. Old ? Did you never load a computer using paper tape having set up process using sixteen switches and an "enter" button ?
  13. Your vehicle handbook, and his vehicle handbook will give any necessary warnings. My vehicles do not have any modern electrics - thank goodness !
  14. I don't think you can - had three cars (2xFiesta - 56 &57 plate + a 60 plate Fusion) to which it might apply, and tried two of them tonight, and cannot get a clock diplay on Dash, despite the vehicle handbook suggesting you can. Fiesta has Visteon Radio, and Fusion has Sony
  15. If you have A/C there are two fan relays, slow and fast. Slow fan relay inside car, fast in box by battery. Slow feed is via resistor. There are a number of threads on here, in Fiesta, and Fusion re boiling in header tank. You might also think about header tank cap releasing pressure too early.