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  1. I'd be tempted to change the battery in the key before I did anything else...
  2. Apologies for delay in responding - I did have a look on our roof, and without removing the black strip there is no obvious pre-drilled fittings,
  3. And if you remove the glove box, you should have this label on the rear... And I would think that the dip relay is to blame, contacts "welded" together, as stated by Isetta above. Do you have uprated H4s in your headlamps ?
  4. I have no great ideas - but there was a thread on the ZSOC Forum, which is unfortunately defunct, by a guy called Mike (!) who did an awful lot to his. So I'm no help at all, unless anyone knows who might have access to this stuff, and this goes for a lot of the older forums. We have a 1.6 petrol Titanium, and it is clearly the most practical car that I have ever owned, Wheel chairs fit, Grannies fit, fold down that passenger seat and you have a long carrying area, all in a car about the size of a Fiesta!
  5. The Ford Brochure does show the roof rack as an accessory, but the only mention in the vehicle handbook is "follow the manufacturer's instructions" - really helpful ! There might be tapped holes, or there might be a clamp arrangement to a "Tee" strip. I will try and have a look on ours and report back!
  6. Good to hear all working. I'm an old fogey that sticks to CDs, I'm not really into Bluetooth/MP3 ! Keep the shiny side up!
  7. When you say "my fan won't start", - it will not run any way until engine temperature demands it, or air con wants it to run. Under what conditions is it not running ? On our 2006 tdci Fiesta, the fan very rarely ran at all.
  8. I would do all the belts whilst you are doing timing belt/water pump.
  9. Decent jack and axle stands, Right size Allen key (non standard) for caliper removal, correct lubricant for sliders, make sure mating faces on hub/new disc are clean. I always use some spare wheel nuts and bolt the disc on the hub, then assemble caliper with new pads, pump pedal to position piston/pads then spin the disc - if there is any run out, your ears should detect it !
  10. Good, glad to see you got that all sorted ! I know nothing about bluetooth so cannot help you there.
  11. We did over 80k in our 1.4tdci - average easily over 50MPG. Best was upper 60s driving around Snowdonia. Are you sure some one has not sold you a Focus ST ???
  12. I'm thinking that the antenna adaptor would be fitted with a pre-amp, splitting the output into AM frequencies and VHF/DAB frequencies which would then connect into the two sockets on the back of the radio. DAB frequencies are about 200MHz if I remember correctly, What type of adaptor were you referring to ?
  13. What do you mean "..only a Fusion haha" - fantastic functional car, or as a certain Mike Brewskie put it, "a Fiesta with extra inches!" I'd post your request in the Fiesta section, as I would think the Fiesta owners might know the answer.
  14. There might be an adaptor, but I think you might need the Kuga antenna, and it might even need a pre-amp.
  15. I agree with Bruce above, look at te battery. Somehow I don't think the Fusion has a Canbus, so that is probably an erroneous code.