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  1. I don't know if you can turn the folding mirrors "Off" on an 02-08 Fiesta, but what we do in frosty weather with the Fiesta and Fusion that we have, is to lock the car, and the mirrors fold in. Then unlock the car with the remote, and the mirrors will fold out, and the car automatically relocks after about 30 secs with the mirrors still folded out.
  2. That is the size of the spare in my Fiesta - but I did not think that a 1.25 Fiesta came with 16" wheels
  3. Good, well done ! Glad you fixed it !
  4. I generally use a Haynes Manual for this sort of information - then it has some provenance. Fortunately I only have old cars so my manual is a bit out of date !
  5. Just go to ebay and search - I bought mine two years ago. Or go to a scrappy and search.
  6. I bought the complete kit from ebay, for a Fusion, which is the same stuff, I think £35.00
  7. F12 - Injectors, Engine Fan Relay Coils, Purge Valve, and vehicle speed Sensor plus 12V to ecu Uprating it is not a good idea, any more information on symptoms ?
  8. Door handle looks like a Sierra part, so I think a scrappy.... but there are some on Fleabay.
  9. That looks neat, this is the one in my toolbox: Laser Ball Joint Separator Cup | Halfords UK
  10. Yes, I can understand that - Haynes recommend using a small puller, and that is what I have used to get the arms off.
  11. Best thing is probably remove the wiper arms, then remove the two end pieces and "plastic bit" completely, then clean the channel on the windscreen and the the mating ridge on the "plastic bit", spray with Silicone and re-assemble. I take mine off on both the Fiesta and the Fusion annually - just to remove all the leaves that collect and block the heater inlet, so can now do it with my eyes closed. That what comes of living next to some trees !
  12. The two characters preceding the five numbers used to date manufacture as in table below, thus KR might be interpreted as June 1989, which seems a little late for a standard pinto. These would also be the last seven characters on the VIN plate. Year Letter JFMA MJJA SOND Reg 1985 F JUMP BRAG CKDE BC 1986 G LYST JUMP BRAG CD 1987
  13. Took me a long time to find a real V8 Pilot....
  14. Engine Compartment Fuse Box Number Rating Description F1 FA 80 NF F2 FB 60 NF F3 FC 60 NF F4 FD 40 Cooling fan, air conditioning F5 FE 60 Lighting, Generic electronic module (GEM) F6 FF 60 Ignition F7 FG 60 Engine, lighting F8 FH 60 Heated front screen, ABS, ESP
  15. If you mean the "Engine Fusebox" then I would say "Pretty Important" to keep it. Similarly, if you mean the "Engine Relay Box". If not either of those two, what JB are you talking about ?
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