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  1. "Anyone any ideas of what this could be, also this model has air con, which currently is damaged and not operating properly." I'm under the impression that switching AC on, turns the fan on full, so is this where the problem may lie ? Digressing back to the CTS, Haynes states 20deg =6100 ohm, 80 deg=620 ohm. I understand that either relay will start the fan.
  2. Sorry to butt in, but is there not two relays for the fan ? One initiated from the CTS through ECU to one relay, R8 internal fuse box, and another, R2 by battery, that is controlled by the air con ?
  3. This Forum is for the European Fusion, based on the 02-08 Fiesta, so no help here I'm afraid.
  4. https://haynes.com/en-gb/tips-tutorials/how-decode-your-car-s-vin might help or https://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php/Build_Date_Codes
  5. Does the VIN end with two letters then five numbers ? I think the two letters give year and month, what are they ?
  6. Just a decent Multimeter/DVM. You can measure : No load volts On load volts (eg put your headlights on) Discharge current indication All with engine off. Charging volts - engine running. By knowing the difference between "No Load", and "On Load" and having a vague idea of the load current you can calculate an indication of the internal resistance of the battery, record it for future reference. If you measure between the -ve terminal of the battery, and chassis earth, you will measure a low voltage, probably in the millivolt range, this will ag
  7. If interior lights are coming on, it might be because you have an intermittent "Door Open" alarm ? Do you get any of these ?
  8. Not to pour cold water on your kind offer but note above.
  9. I would start there, but check rear as well. If you have a combined stop/tail light it might be worth checking that bulb too. A poor earth on a light fitting can turn illumination into something resembling fairy lights, or like a new Audi's DRLs. By "driving light", do you mean "Dip" or "DRL" (Dopey Running Light). Thankfully all my cars are at least 10 years old, so do not have many so called "Clever" or "Smart" systems.
  10. I would start by checking all your earth points for the lamp assemblies, tight connections and clean.
  11. Glad all sorted, enjoy the rest of Easter !
  12. Blocked fuel filter ? Fuel pressure regulator ?
  13. Do you have any "Door Open" alarms when all doors are shut and ignition on ? If the central locking thinks a door is open, then I don't think you can lock the car.
  14. The Ford RS Owners Club Have you looked on the RS Club website ? A post on there will probably reach more RS Owners.
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