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  1. So looking at that item, you have a 1.3i ? I can understand your reluctance to experiment with electrics and petrol! Ford Finis 1542745 is listed on CatCar as 02-08 ?
  2. Not sure about all the technical stuff above, but being a cynic who is aware of how manufacturers might set up the car to only reduce emissions during the test cycle, and not in real driving, and that the cycle I think includes a total of about 2 minutes stopped in a 20 minute test cycle, it might just be a good wheeze.... And when I see parked "new" cars idling just to charge the 'phone or run the air con., or "stop-starting" during a parking manoeuvre at Waitrose, it just makes me wonder ?
  3. According to CatCar, there are a number of Finis codes for KA fuel pumps, 1073602 being the code for '97-'99. Before and after those dates it is 1067973. From whom did you buy the unit ?
  4. Ford are not the only option - but for wipers, I find them cheaper than Halfords!
  5. Cat Car only lists one backplate for Fiesta and Fusion, so probably interchangeable. Is this bit Riveted ?
  6. I reckon you are younger than me..... £1.00 Halfords Trickle charger Homebuilt Trickle charger connected to Volts (red) and Amps (green) inline indicator And the Trusty Davenset !
  7. I cannot answer your question directly Tom, but on my 2001 Puma (which I had for eight years and 80k before I passed it on with 110k) The boot solenoid would stop working, and just groan, but I could still start the car ! There could only have been one strand of copper running from the control module to the solenoid in the boot! Thank fully all my cars do not have anything smart about them, (not even the driver !) batteries are not enhanced, and I generally use a charger that I got for my 21st Birthday so well over 40 years old ! Slightly modified, much thicker charging cable (think good quality loudspeaker cable) and I have an inline digital meter showing Voltage and Current. I built a trickle charger from an "Elektor" magazine article about thirty years ago for winter storage, and I also have a trickle charger that came out of the£1.00 bin in Halford ! Batteries in cars have fly leads, using Tamiya Plug/sockets with fuses.
  8. Getting back to the original post about what servo might fit, there are a number listed in CatCar for Fiestas and Fusion, and it looks likethe vacuum pipe is unique to the ST. Type your VIN into Ford Catcar, and see what is listed for your car, and that will give you a FINIS code which you can then search. As for Haynes not producing a specific handbook for the ST, most of the car will be similar to a 2 door Fiesta of that ilk, and Standard Fiesta Haynes will come in useful. As Anon states - rough idle can be caused by leaky vacuum.
  9. There is also apparently a non-return valve in the Vacuum line ?
  10. Martin, there is a test procedure in the Haynes Manual for Fiesta and the Fusion, Have you tried that ?
  11. IF you do permanently fit a fly lead to the car, you may wish to fuse the +ve side.
  12. I retro fitted these to a 2021 Puma, and to a 2007 Fiesta. The Fiesta's were sourced from a scrappy (as the price new had climbed like gas from Russia) and all worked. On the Puma they were controlled by the HFS firing a thyristor, then stayed on until the ignition was turned off, on the Fiesta, I built a voltage sensing circuit so that with the engine running a relay was made and fed the washer jets. I was going to fit a pair to the Fusion, but the bonnet panel bracing gets in the way ! Fitted to the upmarket Sierras and Granadas I believe from about 1990, and fed directly off the ignition. My Sierra does not go out in the cold, so I don't know if they still work ! Having played around with the scrappy sourced jets, they do take very little current. On my Capris and the Puma, I added extra lengths of washer hose, and wrapped it around the heater hose to heat the washer liquid. Used to work well on the Capris, but with the reservoir for the Puma in the wheel arch, that is where the freezing would strike.
  13. Unofix, Thanks for your offer, but with the mechanism currently safe behind the door trim, I'll decline! I'll research the DB2 and consider that. Before I retired in 2012 I was an TV Transmitter engineer, and did a lot of work on the early digital stuff in the late '90s, then the switchover. So familiar with high power RF systems like Bilsdale and Pontop, but not many small microswitches!
  14. Didn't he play for Arsenal ? Martin, we have all been down the pub!
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