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  1. I have used Tremona Garage in Southampton for some years, not quite near Aldershot, but just down the M3. Probably not the cheapest, but very good. Richard knows what he is talking about, and very much a Ford enthusiast.
  2. What is actually wrong with those fitted, and how do you want to improve them ? I cannot recommend any in particular, as I tend to stick to standard bulbs but ABD have lots on offer and do a vehicle look up using your registration
  3. Underneath the battery tray - so remove battery, remove the tray, having unscrewed the ECU, and it should be there !
  4. Possibly..... The Zetec S and ST rear bumpers were I believe fitted to both Facelift and pre-Facelift 02-08 Fiestas, so the you would think the mountings are similar, but oddly, rear mudflaps do not fit ST and S. You will need a lazy tongs to do the rivets, and whilst you have it off, you could fit some reversing sensors !
  5. I'd start by jacking the car up and spinning the wheel, checking for the noise and any irregularity in the tyre/rim. Then remove the wheel and inspect disc/pads etc. If it is noisier when applying steering lock. it may be CV joint.
  6. Luke - is that true that a main dealer would not sell you a simple item like a relay without carrying out diagnostics ? I suppose in may case, I have a long standing relationship with my local Ford Parts department so I do not have any difficulty getting bits. (I do not have a long standing relationship with their service department, If I need any thing difficult done I use Tremona in Southampton! My cars are a bit older !)
  7. I'd go to my local Ford Main Dealer, but if you have just bought it, I might contact the vendor. And I don't know, but surely a correctly working main beam is checked on an MOT ?
  8. The advantage being that a 20 year old design does not have infotainment...........which judging by some of the topics on the Forum, provides hours of endless fun ! (Sync 3 - does it have a double drainer ??!)
  9. What is actually better than Sync 3 ? A Philips Cassette and a Road Atlas.... ....You can tell how old I am from my answer !!
  10. I do get most of my data from a Haynes Manual....(I've got 15 of them...) and some from Reading "Car Mechanics" every moth for about 35 years.......
  11. See this post for Fuse box layout.
  12. Correction: There are two fuses for the radio, one is 3A F44, from ignition switch, Ye/Gn to Pin 2, and one is 15A F18 from Fuse G, Og/Bk, to pin1,
  13. The back of the removed glovebox will have a decal showing fuse and relay positions - two 30A fuses (42 & 43, Green), and note that rear window is 20A(26,Yellow), and dead right Tom Golf, R2. We have a Fusion and a '07 Fiesta, and I'm sure they are the same. The LED "ON" indication is actually controlled from the General Electronic Module (GEM), and along with the relay coil, gets its supply from F38 - as do other things controlled by the GEM. (Tom Shepp - No doubt your meter is True RMS ?)
  14. Your best bet is to do what I did, and visit your local scrappy. I have a 2007 Zetec S, which had just the bare interior light, but if you look, you might find one that also has the two map reading lights, and it should be a straight swap - perhaps something like this :
  15. Looking at the image, unlike the door switches (one of which I have changed recently on our Fusion) it looks like you may be able to access the connector and test the microswitch, or short out the cores going back to simulate the hatch being shut.