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  1. Haynes Fiesta 2002-08 manual states 235Nm/173lbf ft - with new nut.
  2. No I did not - I lent it to my brother a few weeks ago, and it is 60 miles away! I only used the dash display. (I really ought to ask him for it back!) In my case the engine did not even turn over - just red flashing LED, and overtemp.
  3. Weird...... I have a 2007 1.6 petrol Zetec S too.... And earlier this week, first thing in the morning, went to start it, red flashing LED and it came up with "High engine temperature", no start. Turned it all off, tried again and the same. Turned it off again, waited about a minute, than all started OK. Later I went through the in built data display menu to look for fault codes, can't remember the exact codes, but "Corrupt Data" I think was the outcome. Now in "Wait and See" mode.
  4. Do you not use something called a "Parrot" ? I'm seen them on Mk6s, but don't know what they can do, in terms of streaming and using the 'phone.
  5. I'm sure Fiesta 02-08 and Fusion wheels are generally interchangeable, and Focus MK1 alloys - I have a set of Focus 15" alloys with winter tyres for the Fiesta, which runs on 16s in the summer. On 15s, the Fusion runs on 195/60s but the Fiesta on 195/50s Thread is universal - Sierra nuts are the same, (I keep 4 in the boot in case i use the space saver on the Fiesta) but as Pragmatix states, you will need the alloy nuts for the alloy wheels. If you get alloys with a cover for the nuts, it won't matter what they look like, but without the cover you want the blind nuts.
  6. I had a grey Thunder - bought it SH with 30k, and finally passed it on after another 80k - kept it for 8 years (almost a record for me) because it was great to drive, about 40mpg, loved the handling, I did a few things, like internal boot release, heated washer jets, glove box lamp, all things that Ford might have put on it in the first place. But rust was the problem, rear arches, rear suspension pick up points. (and that SUV's look over the top of you!) I miss it!
  7. I was taught that - "not before you can see headlights in rear view mirror". I did a couple of "Defensive Driving" courses as provided by my employer and this was one of the points. Theoretically when you move back into a lane after overtaking, you need a four second gap between the two vehicles that you are about to slot between, so that you are two seconds in front, and two behind, but as you are travelling faster than the trailing vehicle, you can get away with less behind. Getting back to tailgating, I have wondered if this is because if you drive an SUV, the distance perception is affected ? It does seem to that positioning seems to be worse now, with vehicles in lane 3 of a motorway tending to drive closer to moving traffic in lane 2 rather than the fixed armco that does not move !
  8. Lots of valid points posted on this topic - should it move to "General Ford Related Discussions" ?
  9. Dan, As an aside, we have a 1.6 petrol '57 plate Fiesta Zetec S, and a 1.6 petrol '60 plate Fusion. You might think that they would have the same size battery, but the Fusion has a 500Amp/90RC and the Fiesta a 300Amp/55RC. Battery boxes are different sizes, and am considering a scrappie visit to find the bigger one and install in the Fiesta so I can fit a 500 battery, especially as I have fitted heated front seats in the Fiesta.
  10. I tend to agree with Michael. It seems to me that "tailgating" has got far more prevalent, and also more vehicles now cut almost directly in front of you, having overtaken you on a dual carriageway or motorway. Far less than 2secs in front, and if they are SUVs or bigger, totally obscuring your view of the road (Hazards ?) ahead. It does strike me that safety aids lull drivers into a false sense of security, and they should include a 12" spike aimed at the driver's Sternum !! Happy Xmas !
  11. Silly Question, but is this with the engine running, or is there any difference between engine running or engine stopped ? On a Puma I had, boot release was the first indication that there was a battery problem - because the cable to the back of the car is so thin, you get an appreciable voltage loss so the solenoid would not work, but you could still start the car !!
  12. Something like that can be poor earthing on one of the light units, or if you have combined Stop/Tail bulbs, the elements might be touching after one has failed.
  13. I also posted this topic last month - what pressures do you use ?
  14. Good Brakes ! But HFS definitely, and that is screen not seats!
  15. I think the failure of the water pump would be age related, as Nicam said "Sometimes the impellers in them slip on the shaft" and yours is 17 years old. On RWD Escorts and Capris, you would be lucky to get 10 years ! Radiator being only hot at the top would almost certainly be down to lack of flow from the water pump. Where did you get those diagrams ? They are what used to be in Haynes manuals, when they had technical illustrators ! I have just changed my 12 year old expansion tank on the Fiesta - visible bulges, with what looked like stress lines, easy job, once headlight out of the way. Keep the shiny side up !