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  1. Yes, identical problem on our '60 plate Titanium. I have replaced front passenger doorlock complete, as it will stop the car locking, and it is a pain to do. Driver's side rear I am currently ignoring, as it is just an indication, - the interior light stays on until I switch it off ! New price from Ford is almost prohibitive. When taking off the inner door panel, it may give you more wiggle room if you remove the loudspeaker.
  2. http://www.xrstyle.co.uk/forums/index.php Have you asked onthe XROC forum ?
  3. You might need a puller to get the wiper arms off..... I think this is what is in my tool box: Laser Ball Joint Separator Cup https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/automotive-tools/laser-ball-joint-separator-cup-695494.html
  4. Can you manually lock the car with your remote key ? You can usually lock the car manually with any of the Ford Keys, (but don't try with the correct keys in the car !) I can lock my 2007 Fiesta and 2010 Fusion with an old Sierra key.
  5. Is it not the drains from the Heater air intake plenum ? I have to remove the wiper tray on both Our Fiesta and Fusion, and clear all the leaves and rubbish that falls off the trees adjacent to our house, making sure the drain flaps are clear
  6. Have you checked the Clutch and brake switches ? There is also a power steering pressure switch that also ups the revs.
  7. Yes, I had forgotten about the dohc - doh................ Does that engine have Bosch mechanical Injection ? a la 2.8i, or electronic a la 2.9i
  8. I fitted Dolphin parking sensors from : ParkingSensors.co.uk Home Page Not the cheapest kit around, but very good, and not to a canbus car. They do have a page on canbus compatability: https://www.parkingsensors.co.uk/page/vehicle-compatibility-canbus
  9. The decal on the back of the glovebox will tell you which fuse. This is from a 2007 1.6 petrol Zetec S, but yours is probably similar
  10. And the length of the track rods should be the same on both sides.
  11. "Where are all the, 'my A/C isn't working', threads? It's 24c + in many places today LOL" On the Mini forums....
  12. Maybe, maybe not. All five cores to the door lock motor in a Fusion are black! So as John states, multimeter and circuit diagrams from a workshop manual are your bet bet.
  13. The video that was playing the last time I visited my local Ford main dealer, appeared to be demonstrating the "Collision Assist/Automatic Braking" on a three lane motorway. With a car pulling out from lane 1 into lane 2 to overtake a lorry, the adversely affected car in lane 2 applied the brakes, despite lane 3 being empty. A proactive system would have detected that an overtake manoeuvre was likely to take place due to the closing of the car in lane 1 to the lorry, and moved out into an empty lane 3 if safe to do so, if not, the proactive system may well have eased off rather than waste energy by leaving it too late and appying the brakes. Tom, I cannot argue with that, apart from "don't drive tired or stressed". Bur what baffles me, is how many modern cars drive with tyres on white lines, and only have DRLs on in the dark or fog, despite the growth of lane departure systems, and auto lights ?
  14. Anything Auto - "Reactive" Human Brain - "Proactive" I know what I prefer.
  15. No, I'm well south of the Thames. Have you done any checks, or any more info on symptoms ?
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