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  1. I don't know if a Fiesta spoiler will fit, but I think there was an accessory spoiler for the Fusion, if you can find one.
  2. I have read recently that unless the service book, even with all the necessary stamps, is supported by corresponding service tick sheets, then the vehicle may not be considered as having a FSH. As for GDPR, does not the V5C still show name and address of previously registered keeper ?
  3. And how about that bracing strut on the underside of the floor pan that is in the way ? Held in by eight rusty bolts (at least when you start !). I have been putting plusgas on mine, after having changed a complete system on a Fiesta which also had two recalcitrant bolts at the front. I was just watching when it was done by my friendly mechanic who was struggling with them, even up on a four poster. It was easier to change a complete system on a 2.8i Capri on the drive !
  4. Glad to see all fixed in time for the cold weather ! And thanks for posting the solution.
  5. "Event Tyres" These do not get good write ups, and at 1/3rd of the price of a Michelin, reminds me of the phrase " you may not always get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you got". I bought a Focus ST about seven years ago with four newish Events, replaced with 4x Michelin PS3s within weeks.............
  6. I think the HCV works on a variable mark/space square wave, not an analogue DC voltage. Substitution is the easiest method of checking, unless you have access to a voltmeter to see if the mean voltage to the HCV varies as you adjust the heater control - Puma website may have some posts on the HCV
  7. I agree with Ian - understeer is preferable to oversteer. And 33k sounds good to me, so go with the same.
  8. If a Fusion, amongst other things, you need to drill out the four rivets, then you will need a "Lazy Tongs" pop riveter to put back the new ones.....
  9. Solenoid controlled directly from GEM, according to Haynes.
  10. According to the Haynes Manual, the microswitches are part of the door lock assembly. The manual then has a section on removing the motor, which looks like a pain.....
  11. Don't all interior lights go off after an hour anyway? Easy to check, just leave the boot/glove box open, have a cup of tea and a tube of dark chocolate hobnobs (essential piece of kit when fault finding!) and by the time you have eaten the last biscuit the light should be off.
  12. Between the MAF and the turbo. Ford might call it : "Duct - Air" possibly 1148084, no guarantees! Check out a scrappy first.
  13. Paul, Always happy to Help KR Paul K
  14. Try turning the piggy back upside down - and make sure the fuse is in the correct side for the output to the flying lead. Piggy back fuses can be fitted two ways (Obviously!) the common end should be at the bottom in this case. And I would not put anything bigger than a 7.5A fuse in myself.
  15. Having had a coffee, here is a suggestion for you: Procure in line fuse holder. Cut a fuse in half, remove all plastic and solder the fuse holder wires on to the two halves of the fuse. Suitably sleeve solder joints. Remove cigarette lighter socket fuse from fuse box. Insert said fuse into inline fuse holder. One end of fuse holder into unused TCU fuseway, and other end into load side of cigarette lighter socket fuseway No need to interfere with any wiring, and easy to restore to normal