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  1. Hi guys ... I have a focus zetec s 1.8 petrol on an 09 plate ... popped in a k&n air filter in a few days ago with the bung out (it sounds nice) but tonight the eml came on. No loss in power or limp mode and car drove exactly as it should so was just wondering what it could be. Done the self diagnostic on the dash and no DTC codes was shown so just wondering it the filter has messed with MAF sensor or could it be something else. I unfortunately do not have a code reader which is a pain Many thanks in advance Simon
  2. Just thought I'd post up my cheeky little purchase on here ... I'm really happy with it 🙂
  3. Hi everyone ... I've recently purchased a 2009 focus zetec s 1.8 petrol 5 door and I really dislike the droopy d**k exhaust that Ford thought was acceptable to put on this model. I'm wanting to go for a duplex system with 6x4 oval tailpipes each side but my local powerflow quoted £600+ which is out of my budget unfortunately so wondered if anyone else from my region had any suggestions/recommendations for me to get this done on a budget of about £400. I live in thetford in Norfolk I've added a pic of my cars rear even tho I'm sure that you all know what the zetec s looks like 🙂 Thanks in anticipation Simon
  4. Hello all. New and proud owner of a 09 plate focus zetec s 125 Got it for a steal and absolutely love it Hope to enjoy this new forum