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  1. Car Communications are really good if a tad expensive but they offer a wide range and also Sync specific and offer a mobile fitting service if required. Used them on my Ford Grand Cmax and now on my new Kuga Vignale 20 plate, Hope this helps.
  2. I have recently updated via WiFI my Sync3 software, all ok so far, But when I enter my VIN on the Ford Sync 3 Update page it states an Update is available? Being a little on the thick side can someone tell me what I am missing Please? Cheers Colin
  3. CJE

    Kuga handbook

    I have just taken delivery of a Kuga Vignale 20 plate and it came with a manual
  4. HI, i used a company called Car Communications to fit a rear view camera to my Cmax and they were very good, just checked and the do a camera for the Kuga and supply and fit approx £600.
  5. I have a Grand Cmax 2017 and Engine Start Pending appears for a few seconds when starting on very cold mornings but does not cause any problems etc.
  6. Hi , New member I own a 2017 Ford Grand Cmax