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  1. Yes, but after detailed veryfication it was a leaking CR pump gasket, not turbo. Turbo is still in good condition.
  2. Hello Guys, So I would like to say few words about Mondeo MK5 that I'm using for 2 years now. It has near 350000 km and still look and going very good. I replaced only CR pump gasket and brake pads. Turbocharger is still in very good condition. All equipment still work fine. Engine has full power and low fuel consumption (6,6 ltr./100 km). I use 0W30 oil and engine doesn't take any drop of oil. I plan to use this car for next two years. It's big, comfortable and relable. Regards,
  3. Thanks guys. I hope it will work fine and if something will go wrong I can ask you for help.
  4. OK. Looks like I bought it. Today I'll sign an order. We'll see what will happen in the future. Yesterday I have been given all history from Ford Service. The most important things are: 201000 km - timing belt with water pump changed and front crankshaft seal. The second important thing is by 280000 km - complete clutch with double mass wheel. The rest are brake discs, pads, oils, filters, etc. All in Longlife service schedule.
  5. OK. So I went to the service. Brakes, suspention and everything under car is in great condition. Shock absorbers 80-85% level. But... It has problem with turbo charger. Turbo is leaking oil and need to be replaced or refurbrished. But this is tipical for this mileage I think? Computer said that there is intermittent problem with valve phase (regulation valve phase B - too big accelaration - unknown error). This is not constant. There are some errors with communication with module of the back door and brake pead switch. Brake switch error actually doesn't appear. I think
  6. Yes. This is not a full version :) Today I'm going to go with this car to service and check everything what is possible to check. Mondeo MK 5 is a very nice look car. I'm not sure if this car (with 320000 km mileage) is not a ticking bomb. We'll see.
  7. I appreciate. Please check it: WF0EXXWPCEFS14120 Thank you in advance.
  8. Do you know maybe where can I decode a VIN number to see equipment installed in this car and version?
  9. Yes. There is 2-zone climate control. Car's 1-st registraion is from October 2015.
  10. Unfortunately I don't have facebook account... Generally I don't buy diesel engine cars but this one I can get from my company and I can test it as maximum as I need. Tomorrow probably I will take this car to the station to test it and connect computer for diagnostic report. Looks very nice. Interior could be made with higher quality materials. I heard also that climatronic system can make some problems. What do you think?
  11. Thank you for reply. Normal price in Poland for 2015 year is approx 11500 EUR. I can get it for about 8100 EUR. Everything is working fine. Suspension, electronic equipment. It doesn't have navigation system, heated seats, cruise control. But it has drive line assistant, dynamic led headlamps and special air bag seat belts. Manual gearbox as I mentioned is working very well. Clutch also is in great condition in my opinion. Steering wheel has some wear symptoms with peeling leather. It has 16 inch alloy wheels with nice winter tires. Alloy wheels are in good condition (for that
  12. Good evening, I'm new here and my name is Andrzej. I would like to ask about buying a Ford Mondeo MK5 from 2015 year. Manual gearbox, 2.0 TDCi 180ps. I can buy this car on low price because of very high mileage approx. 320000 km. Car is serviced all the time. It doesn't had any accident before. Double-mass wheel has been changed on 270000 km. I would like to ask of any advice if this is car is worth of interesting about? It has basic equipment, original painting. Engine is working very good and has power. Gearbox also is working very good. Is there is something that I should be affra
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