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  1. have a look at this clicky you should be able to get the part number(s) so it will be easier to go to ford or ebay for the bits you need and prices
  2. welcome aboard guys, sadly problems are part of the joys of buying 2nd hand, nobody gets rid of a car because it's working perfectly there's always something, hopefully it's be a cheap and easy fix for you
  3. Welcome aboard, nice looking motor too
  4. I've done some dodgy things when i first started tinkering with cars, worst thing i ever did was taking an engine out of a car using the trolley jack to help wheel it out as i had no lift, thought it was a genius idea until while stood behind it in the bay i pushed the jack with my foot and the engine leaned back pinning me in the bay, luckily my mate, who i might add said it was a terrible idea, was there to help me out for around £20 you can get a half decent set of spring compressors that will do the job safely them wheels look good on the car, saw the pic of them in general and thought they'd look awful but now they are on they suit it well, cracking buy that also if you're bothered about speeding tickets due to the rolling ratio then you should be fine, the police have a 10% +2mph leeway before they prosecute due to most speedos and wheels causing cars to lose a bit or gain a bit over the years
  5. wiper arms did look better in black to be fair, engine bay looks great, makes it look a lot cleaner, nice work
  6. +1 for that, not the cheapest but best i've used over the years
  7. sorry for digging up the old post, just having a look through this section the idea behind snow foam is that it lifts most of the dirt up from the paint so when you actually take a sponge/mitt to the car your not rubbing lots of dirt into the paint, do you use the foam as a soap and leave it on to wash the car or do you foam it then rinse it then wash with hands? i do the latter, leave it on for about 10 15 mins, then rinse, then was by hand, if the foam is running of quite soon after applying that's one of 3 things, either poor quality foam, not enough foam product being put through the lance or a well waxed car, if i was to foam a car that had been waxed in the last month or 2 the foam would slide of quite quick, if i foam a car that's been waxed a year or more ago then it will stick quite well and appear thicker i use valet pro PH neutral snow foam and a DODO Juice lance with karcher pressure washer, the mix ratio is 300mls of SF to 700mls water, the adjustment screw is all the way open for max foam and as i said the effect varies on the condition of the cars previous waxed status, id the foam sticks well i will then rinse and wash the clay then wash again before applying any polishes, waxes or sealants, i usually take an full day doing a car sometimes 2 if it's a poorly maintained one if you want to do the job quicker then you could buy a DA polisher, it's not likely to damage paint in the hands of a novice like a rotary would, if i use the DA then i use mainly Poorboys polish and liquid wax
  8. if your looking for the leds with the built in chip as mentioned by Bash look for ones that say canbus, the canbus system on newer cars doesn't like plain leds as they draw less power so the car thinks a bulb has gone and you get the bulb fail warning, the chip makes the led look like a bulb to make the car think its halogen thus no warning/error messages/lights, this is more evident with indicator leds and the indicator will blink faster with a blown bulb or stock led *edit* i have found the auxito leds from ebay to be quite good quality and the some of the 501 type ones are just a tad smaller than the original 501 bulb so they fit better in side lights and interior lights than the big blocky ones
  9. did you change the ecu? if yes did you also change the immobiliser unit in the key to match the ecu?
  10. Miggs2002


    hi welcome to the forum, unfortunately you have posted in the welcome section , you are more likely to get a response in the technical help section of the forum, i'm not trying to be funny with you but i don't know the answer and some of the other members that will know may not visit this section hope you get it sorted
  11. it's getting there, just trying to find an accent colour for little bits then i can get matching gel badges
  12. yeh you have to be really unlucky to get 2 incompetent mechanics, hopefully this new one will have better knowledge than me