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  1. Sorry yes you are correct, the bi xenón means dipped and full in one unit, what I was saying is because my current set up is just xenón the high beam comes from the inner light unit, if I upgrade the outer xenón part to a bi xenón unit that gives me both functions on one side of the light with a hid bulb so I still get full illumination from it, if I was to upgrade the current inner part with an led then I wouldn't get much in the way of brightness from it If I flash someone now the halogen part illuminates instantly, if it was hid in the inner part and i flashed with a cold bulb it wouldn't be that bright but is good for country roads If I flash with an led in the inner part it's instant like halogen but crap on country roads If the current xenón is bi xenón and the inner unit led then its all I need I hope that explains it better, I know what's in my head makes sense but it's hard to put a cross on the interwebs 😂
  2. I second the led solution, the interior light would be best to wire them to or find a cheap rocker switch on the bay of E and wire them to that and you can either hide the switch somewhere, under the dash, in the glovebox etc or put it somewhere visible
  3. yes you read that right, I have the st tdci with factory xenon's and the light output is shocking, I have upgraded the bulbs and have dismantled the unit to put mirror tape in the reflector bowl but no change, I have looked at retrofitlab's upgraded kit that costs around £150+ and obviously they say it's the best upgrade option for the current lights, if anybody has done this upgrade and can provide positive or negative feedback on it that would be helpful but I'm thinking as I have another st tdci that I'm breaking which has the stock halogen lights I can take the lights and the wiring and fit it to my current car, my plan if I choose that option is to buy some after market projector units that are bi xenon and fit them to the halogen units with an HID kit in, I plan on doing a 2.5" unit in the dipped beam side and a 2" in the full beam side, as they will be bi xenon I will use an HID kit in the dipped beam side and an LED in the full beam, my reason for this is when I flash someone if it has an HID in the full beam it takes time to get bright but an LED is instant, I will have the HID in the dipped side which will be enough when full beam is switched to see when I need it. if anybody has any opinions or ideas that might help it would be much appreciated, positive or negative opinions are welcomed thank you guys and gals
  4. Welcome aboard, look forward to seeing the build
  5. OK, it's been a while, been busy in lockdown so not had much chance to update so here goes Spacers and springs fitted REAR lights and side repeaters tinted Rear exhaust silencer replaced with straight through pipe Folding mirrors now fold off the key Boot swith fitted next to esp button and fully working New gel badges front, rear and steering wheel (black with grey script I had a new osf bearing fitted last year, then 1 year later it went again, looked a bit more in depth with it and noticed that front wheel had a slight flat spot so I'm guessing a previous owner has hit something and bent the hub, new hub and bearing fitted, shall wait and see if it goes again next year Most recently the pas High pressure pipe decided it no longer wanted to be a part of the car, it blew on a Sunday and I had 5 hours to get it sorted to pick the wife up 65 miles away, 2 available on ebay were across the country but found a whole car selling cheap (£650) round the corner from me, offered the guy £500 to take now, he said £550 so shot round in my mates car, bought the car swapped the pipe and so far so good, I now have a mk3 hatch St tdci breaking for parts 😂
  6. Well it's been a while since I've posted on the forum due to ongoing family issues but I have 10 mins spare so thought I'd update this thread, I got some springs and spacers just before Christmas which have been sat in the garage since, I'm itching to get them on I just need a few hours to do so, meanwhile here's some pics
  7. Not sure on the specifics with ford's but I've done 1 on a vw before and that required the petrol tank and fuel lines as well as most of the electrics, it wasn't hard to do, did it in 2 days for the entire swap on my driveway but as said that was a vw, I don't know if they are as easy to swap everything over on fords
  8. That's a tasty looking wheel, the blue is nice and subtle yet a big difference to the chrome
  9. 1st car = classic mini, 1978 model, started as a silver 1000cc which I had painted a custom metal flake blue, old English white roof and boot handle, full fibreglass front end with oew bonnet vents, I then fitted an mg metro turbo engine in, lowered wide arches, wheels and bucket seats, there is a pic somewhere on my laptop 2nd car = Vauxhall cavalier mk3 LS with a calibra turbo red top fitted, this looked stock LS spec outside with a 60mm drop and various wheels from 15" to 17" no pics sadly 3rd car = vectra B 1.8GLS bought as the wife was pregnant and wanted a comfortable car 4th car = baby arrived so bought a mk2 golf GTi 16v 1.8, lowered on coil overs, 15" deep dish wheels, then fitted a 2.0 16v from a seat cupra, then fitted a mk3 2.8 vr6 5th car = mk3 golf GTi colour concept in jazz blue, mint condition and 100% original, fitted 16" bbs splits, lowered on coil overs, full jetex stainless system, plastic arches removed 6th car = mk4 golf v6 4motion in jazz blue also the wife had a gttdi 130 mk4 also in jazz blue, my mk4 I fitted a full stainless milltek, lambo mercialgo 19's (both fronts off the lambo as not as wide as the rears) they were soon changed for audi S4 18's as handling was shocking on 19's lowered on coil overs, projector headlights 7th car = classic impreza UK turbo 2000, fitted WR1 alloys, coil overs, hybrid td04 turbo, mapped it to iirc 276bhp full stainless with all cats and boxes removed bar the back car 8th car = saab 9-5 aero HOT 250bhp standard, didn't modify this as was too nice a cruiser but got bored after 12 months 9th car = Polo 9n3 tdi sport 100bhp stock engine, rare heated seats and headlight washers, fitted coil overs, merc 17" alloys which were quite rare 10th car = Audi A6 avant bought as we got a husky, she didn't like going in the boot so that was useless 11th car = current car the Mondy st Not many photos on my phone, may have some more on laptop
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