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  1. buying galaxy advise please

    What tax is that mate..thought it was only going up by a £10...? What about cars registered before 1 March 2001? Rates for cars and vans registered before 1 March 2001 are based on engine size. The rates for these cars from April 2010 are shown in the table below: Engine size (cc) 2010-11 Not over 1549 £125 Over 1549 £205
  2. PAS on escort van....??

    Superb....thank you. ;)
  3. PAS on escort van....??

    Ahh thanks for that...how can i tell if its a mk5 or 6...any tell tale signs,headlight shape ect.
  4. PAS on escort van....??

    Hi guys Can anyone tell me what year the PAS was added too the escort van...ive just bought a M reg and the steering is just amazingly heavy. Assuming it was a standard fit on later models would it retro fit too a van of my age..... Many thanks in advance.
  5. New Escort van driver

    Hi guys Just recently bought an old escort van 55 so thought id best come sign up and say hello. ;)