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  1. Picked up car from dealer. Exhaust filter was at 147%. A static regen done and a pcm update. They hope that this should now fix the issue. So do I!!
  2. No recall. A year ago when the problem started, took car into my dealership who told me they ran a diagnostic test which showed the filter was clean. After that had no issues. Am intending to go to my dealership on Wednesday and speak to them again.
  3. One year and 5000 miles of incident free driving, on February 5, message reappeared! I thought the 100 mile round trip on motorway and A roads on that day and the following 2 journeys of over 30 miles had cleared this pesky issue. But no today at the usual 2.2 miles into my journey the message came on again. It did disappear after 1 mile of driving. If it continues then will repeat my previous tack of writing to Andy Barratt MD of Ford UK. At least one of his assistants did reply.
  4. I sent a written complaint to Ford and emailed Autocar see my posts of February 1 and 8. At the beginning of the month my dealership ran a diagnostic test, with the result the filter was clean. Now I don't know if they shoogled ( as we say in this part of the UK)/ gently shook something but since then I have driven over 400 miles on journeys of varying distances and no message has appeared. Will wait and see.
  5. Sorry no one yet appears to have the magic answer.I have done a couple of longish drives but only round trips of 70 miles, including motorway. Used car today, which was mainly urban driving for about 40 miles and no message appeared! (My message appeared after a couple of miles at the start and then went off after 5 miles. Seems the appearance and disappearance varies with other drivers.) On Monday my dealership ran a diagnostic test on the exhaust filter and it was clear - but for how long? I keeping a note of the mileage of each of my journeys so in case it comes back on I have got a record of the type of driving I am doing. Hoping that more Focus drivers will either contact Ford HO or even Autocar and maybe eventually something will be done.
  6. I did email Autocar after you mentioned the article, just to make them aware but didn't expect it to be published. I'll have a look at the issue to see if it was my email. Since then I've done a couple of 60 mile+ journeys including motorway driving and message hasn't reappeared. Had an appointment at my dealership on Monday(to fix a Field Service Action issued by Ford for my Focus - Touch Condition between Fuel and Vacuum Line) and they did a diagnostic check on the Exhaust Filter and according to them it was clean. I'm still taking a note of all my journeys so if problem persists.
  7. Exactly the same for me with the gear change indicator. I've the 1.0 ecoboost and it's the same thing recommending a higher gear. A similar comment was made on the HonestJohn thread.
  8. Are you still finding by using sport mode the message does not appear?
  9. Here is the reply from one of Alan Barrett (MD and Chairman FordUK) assistants regarding the warning message Exhaust Filter at Limit Drive to Clean "I have just been in contact with the dealership to confirm their analysis of the situation and what the course should be going forward. The dealership technician has confirmed what you state in your letter to us, that there is currently no course of action to be undertaken to address the warning light. They have also stated this isn’t something to worry over, as the ‘Drive to Clean’ text, translates that driving the vehicle will clean/address the issue through continued use, and that the warning light is of an advisory nature addressing possible driving style. The dealership’s diagnosis is also mirrored by Ford’s Technical team. After speaking with Ford’s Technical team, they did refer to the owner’s manual in relation to this warning, whereby it suggests; driving in a range of conditions including highway and motorway for 20 minutes or until the warning vanishes, avoiding prolonged engine idling and selecting gears to maintain 1500-4000rpm. In summary, there is no further course of action to be taken at this time, with no manufacturing defect to address. If however you do experience any other concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to contact your local Ford dealership. " So it appears Ford do not believe there is a issue and we should follow the recommendation in the manual, which I am sure we all have been doing. What I do not understand is despite following this recommendation, why does it appear so soon on your next drive and how can your driving style be judged, when you have driven no more than 2 miles? I have gone back with that question so will wait and see what happens. i have suggested their technicians google "Exhaust Filter at Limit Drive to Clean" where they will find this thread. I have also found this website,which mentions under bad, our problem. Maybe they picked it up from our forum Finally a question to those who are more car savvy than me, would using Super Unleaded help?
  10. I didn't bother contacting Ford Customer Service about this issue, as previously got in touch with a query about the tailgate lights on the new Focus and was given duff information. Instead gone old school and written to Andy Barratt, MD and Chairman of Ford UK. While I don't expect a reply direct from him, it will be interesting to learn if a response and explanation is written on his behalf. In the meantime we've a couple of longish journeys around 50/60 miles on motorway planned in the next 2 weeks and then off to my dealership at the beginning of Feb.
  11. At the beginning of January this warning message first appeared. I have had my Focus since Sept2018 and my mileage at the beginning of January was 1550approx. The message disappeared after 2-3 miles into the journey and didn't reappear until a week later. During that time drove over 100 miles including couple of journeys on the motorway. Since then it has come on each time I drive, around 1 mile into the journey and disappears after 5 miles. As I am retired I don't do a daily commute but I do use the car for journeys of around 20 miles and have done a few long distance motorway journeys. I took it to my local dealership last week and they contacted Ford, whose technicians advised them they were aware of the issue, but until the fault was resolved and a bulletin issued by Ford, my dealership can take no action. All I can do is continue to drive as previously and take the car on the motorway and avoid short journeys i.e 8 to 9 miles, which I have done and despite this the message reappears. I have contacted Ford about this and as soon as I hear back I'll post an update. Don't hold out much hope to hear anything positive soon.