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  1. When downloading the maps they are in a compressed format and must be extracted before being put on the memory stick. When you right click on the file download you will hopefully get the option to extract all once you have done this copy these extracted files onto the usb stick and try again.
  2. It might be worth putting it to a Ford dealer and asking them to look at the problem even if you need to pay an hours labour as Ford are covering the costs for a high percentage of these repairs. FAQs - Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions | Ford UK
  3. I would suggest carrying out a master reset of the Ford Pass system just make sure nobody else can access your car this way just incase this is how they managed to get in. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/how-to-videos/owner-services/fordpass-master-reset
  4. My early MK4 used to suffer from this problem and carrying out a Sync update fixed my one. Try putting your VIN number in the Ford site below and it will probably tell there is an update available and guide how to update the system. Ford SYNC & Maps Updates - Check For Updates | Ford UK
  5. If it's on the dash itself I think this will be the sun load sensor if your car has one or just a blanking plug where it would have been fitted.
  6. The MK 4 Focus has cylinder deactivation and it's possible this is what you might noticing. Try putting the vehicle in sport mode to see if it goes away.
  7. Try Mercury Motors Twickenham I don't know what stuff they hold these days but they used to be pretty good with getting parts for older Ford's. Hopefully this is the correct number for them 020 8892 0337.
  8. If your located in the UK speak to your local Ford dealer as if it's a coolant related issue there is a very good possibility they will fix it for free. See the 1.0 ecoboost section in the link below https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/faqs
  9. I would take it back to Ford I would expect them to light up all the way around. As for the option to turn them off I think its hidden away in the setting section of the Entertainment/Sync system.
  10. My one can cut in at around 17mph but I have changed the rolling stop setting to high on my car.
  11. The brakes grinding may just be that the car has been sitting for a little and there was a small amount of corrosion that occurs on brakes that I suspect should be okay after a short drive with some gentle braking. As for the green battery/blue boost symbol I have noticed that these don't appear when you have the info display set to the hybrid gauge. When I first got the car I also had a few instances of it stalling when pulling away from stationery however I was too panicked trying to quickly restart the car than read any messages. When it happened once in a quiet area and I had the time to read the message all the car wanted me to do was put my foot fully down on the clutch again so it could start. After this with a little bit of experimenting I have found that when trying to pull away if I'm already in gear and the engine is not running I need start pressing the accelerator a fraction sooner than I was.
  12. If I'm correct that should be the intercooler, one that's cooled by the coolant not air.
  13. Once you have changed the battery you will need to reset the battery monitoring sensor (BMS) so the stop start will work correctly.
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