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  1. Anyone have any updates on this issue?
  2. Iantt any joy with your eBay seller?
  3. thanks, I think the Fiesta 2016 is on sync 1.1
  4. Ok, I have updated the software for the sync (Fiesta 66 plate) and have updated the Ford system. It now tells me to contact my ford dealer for maps update, so I am back to paying £146 any suggestions
  5. Ford Fiesta just going in for service. I noted the Sync needed an update so asked for them to do it. £146 charge!! To plug in a USB stick. It’s the hourly charge I’m told ...... really. £146 an hour?
  6. latest reply from CRC Your case manager Lisa is out of the office today so I wanted to ensure you receive a response. As advised previously the F8 maps update would not be compatible for your vehicle therefore we would not be able to provide a memory stick for this and you will need to wait for the F9 update to be released.
  7. I stand corrected.....
  8. Levels are topped up if required, but no oil and filter changes. New fords are on a 2 year 18k service schedule.
  9. Hi, i think the first service is now a convenience check (no parts changed) just a once over. I’m on a ford service plan but I think the charge is £105
  10. Just spoken to ford service and they tell me the ‘convenience check’ replaces the first service and all they do is top up levels as required. no oil change or filter change? i am on a service plan and it therefore appears I am paying the price of a service’ for a quick once over? any comment or suggestions?
  11. Reply from Crc We are aware of issues experienced with the update facility, and our Technical team are working to resolve these concerns as quickly as able; to ensure the facility is functioning correctly, and the relevant tools are available as necessary We are expecting the next update to be released shortly, to provide both update for our vehicles and to address concerns that have been raised; therefore, we would recommend awaiting the latest update before reattempting. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your local Ford Dealership for assistance with completing the update on your behalf, if you would prefer but this may incur a charge for labour.
  12. I have complained (again) asking if Ford can provide the F8 update on USB stick.... we shall see
  13. updated to build 19052 while go but the ford site keeps telling me I have a new update.??I Download d the confirm file to ford. is 19052 the latest? Dont really want to be bothered with this as F8 is not available due to ford inefficiency! ( do they really care for their customers once money has changed hands??)
  14. PLB the offered update is only 2.9gb so deffo not maps!