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  1. At last my local Ford dealer has received the update. Car booked in!!
  2. All. Apologies if these seams a silly question. Can someone tell me how many reversing lights I have on my MK4 Titanium.? I have one on the drivers side which lights up and it looks like there is a clear lamp on the passenger side … is this a reversing lamp too?
  3. Even though my dealer promised to call me back (trust ford Staines, yes you!) nothing has happened, And they were not aware of the issue or any possible fix. I think due to the warmer weather the issue seems to have gone away at present. Anybody still having issues??
  4. Thanks, I’m waiting for my dealer to contact Ford and get back to me.
  5. Spoke to my local ford dealer today. They are not aware of any software updates for this exhaust filter issue! has any one had this done apart from Andy2086! (Wonder if I can go to your dealership?)
  6. avi, thanks is there an idiots guide to download and apply the F8 update?
  7. Hi can anyone confirm (or otherwise) that I can update my S3 over WI-FI? maps and software? is it worth having auto update turned on.? if not will my dealer do this free? I appreciate that’s a big ask as ford dealers charge for everything, don’t like to use the washroom in case they bill you. 😏
  8. My Titanium 1.0 125 appears to be behaving itself at the moment. Not sure if that’s a good thing? Previously the exhaust filter message would come on nearly every day. Driving pattern same. Low mileage 1200 since Oct. will this software update be applied across the board I wonder? Maybe when I get service next..?
  9. Anyway chaps...... back to the issue of exhaust filters?
  10. DonH have you tried driving in Sport Mode? Not ideal I know but I have had only a few messages since I have used Sport. Ford really need to own up and get his sorted.
  11. IANTT should we regularly check ETIS regarding the cough mixture.?
  12. ETIS at present says ,please wait checking, wonder if this means a possible update?
  13. This topic appears to have slowed down. Have we heard of a fix for this problem?
  14. This really make me think that the dealers and Ford do not understand there is an issue or don’t want to admit,! having to drive an extra 20 miles every day is just not on. as suggested by Brian, sport mode does appear to cut down the number of times the message comes on. Come on Ford get a fix in place!!!