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  1. As Ford are so pleased to tell us........ We're committed to enhancing and improving upon the SYNC & Maps driving experience. And to make it even better, we will periodically release software updates so you have the latest version of SYNC & Maps to keep you up-to-date and in-the-know. periodically means ? 3,4,5 years? all in all very poor service from Ford!
  2. Comares2001 any updates from your case manager?
  3. Thanks. Will be interesting to hear what your next update is?
  4. My Ford case manager has just contacted me to advise there are no upcoming updates for Sync 3 mapsF7 suggested I contact my local dealer for assistance 😡
  5. Thought I would ask Ford direct for an update...... was it such a difficult question that required this amount of detail?
  6. Thanks perhaps you can share the updates when provided.
  7. Just contacted ford and that do not appear to be aware that an update is looooong over due. at this rate I will be getting a new car before updates are released for 18.5my models
  8. Anyone know if the new F9 (or10) maps update will be OTA download? if (IF) it ever gets released by Ford.
  9. Thanks, it will be nice to get a maps update! F7 is waaaaaaaay out of date
  10. Hi, any idea when the official 3.4 will be released?
  11. So we are still waiting for the official update from Ford? map F7 is only three years out of date!!!
  12. Will it be F9 or F10
  13. Still waiting........... Checked on and nothing.
  14. Thanks, seemed a bit technical so Halfords to the rescue!
  15. Hi any advice which fuse to use to hard wire dash cam on focus mk4? need it to turn on with ignition