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  1. Anyone contacted Ford about F9?
  2. Ford have no idea when F9 will be released.
  3. Isn’t this called ‘clocking’ ..??
  4. Trust Ford charge £125 !!! at least I got the years assistance cover (after I asked)
  5. just contacted Ford and they have no idea at all when the F9 will be released.
  6. Hi, anyone hear any updates on when F9 will be released? My Focus map F7 is clearly out of date
  7. Just been on trip and noticed that the Nav was really slow uploading? when I went of route ( on purpose) the correction route look ages Sync 3.3 19052 any ideas suggestions?
  8. Hi, any chance your subscription has expired?
  9. Great! i have found live traffic to be very useful........
  10. Let us know the results..... i defo had the wipers on auto when it wiped on the frost
  11. Frozen window this morning when I started the car the auto wipers tried to clear the screen? do I need to remember to turn off at night or before starting the car?
  12. Thanks have you actually downloaded an update?
  13. Hi, just been on the web page and there is a 'how to' video on wifi sync updates.? Does this work in the UK now?
  14. I was told early 2020. I’m stuck on F7 as my new focus is not compatible with F8😡