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  1. If the thieves (##££&&) just unscrewed the Ariel you can pick up a replacement from eBay. I did and it works fine.
  2. I find it works very well, just keep the speed down.
  3. Had reply from ford crc they have contacted the technical dept regarding the F8 update for MY18.5 focus. watch this space!
  4. Well..... just had a reply from Ford regarding the MY18.5 issue with maps F8 they are not aware of any issue, 😡 has this been resolved and I wasn’t aware?
  5. So if I have 18351 the F7 map is the latest?
  6. Even though my in car sync 3 system tells me it’s been updated, the ford web site still advises updates available. When I get in the car it ask if I want to connect to WiFi to complete the update. I always Say yes but nothing happens and it asks again next time I’m in the car. any theory or suggestions?
  7. Hi just had Focus in for the Exhaust system software update. while is was in the dealer has updated my sync 3 to version 3.3 build 18351. however the maps remain as F7 ...? my dealer tells me this is the most up to date, I though it was F8? can anyone verify.
  8. Yes it would, i have most of the ‘extras’ available.
  9. THANKS ALL FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE. mine is back on its clip.
  10. Any ideas? Can someone look under the bonnet of their focus and see if this cable is there? it would be appreciated save a long drive to my dealer
  11. Can any of you experts tell me what the loose cable is on my new mk IV focus? near the battery, doesn’t appear to go anywhere?
  12. At last my local Ford dealer has received the update. Car booked in!!
  13. All. Apologies if these seams a silly question. Can someone tell me how many reversing lights I have on my MK4 Titanium.? I have one on the drivers side which lights up and it looks like there is a clear lamp on the passenger side … is this a reversing lamp too?
  14. Even though my dealer promised to call me back (trust ford Staines, yes you!) nothing has happened, And they were not aware of the issue or any possible fix. I think due to the warmer weather the issue seems to have gone away at present. Anybody still having issues??