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  1. Ford Focus mk4 mhev. any recommendations for fuse to use for wired dashcam?
  2. Thanks all the ‘tire’ pressure shows as 38, just seem high when you are used to 33 year after year!
  3. Just collected my new car and noticed on Ford pass that the pressures appeared high. on investigation on the in car plate and manual the pressures are now 38 all round. on my previous focus it was always 33 any resident experts have an explanation?
  4. car still in dagenham.....🤬
  5. Hi, someone on the Fiesta forum might be able to assist?
  6. Anyone had F10 from Ford web? or only available from cyan?
  7. I was able to see the location of my car via the app. This seems to be unavailable now. I have checked location services etc any suggestions?
  8. Have you tried to turn the router off and then on after a few mins? sometimes a reset can work wonders.
  9. Sounds like I need to learn a new way of driving?
  10. Car reached Dagenham. surely can’t be much longer.....
  11. My ford dealer has advised that number plates on my new car must be screwed to the car. I would prefer sticky pads. is there a legal requirement here. I have checked WWW and cannot find anything. any experts with sensible comments?
  12. But happy with the new car otherwise?
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