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  1. Just contacted Ford customer service. According to them I’m up to date no maps due😡 this is despite some being offered maps and other ( like me ) being told on app that maps are available. ford have no idea what is going on..... ALEXP999 can you shed any light on the situation?
  2. I’m in the same situation. Any body have this AND then get the maps update?
  3. What’s my car called on WiFi?
  4. How can you tell the car is connected to your router?
  5. If it was 30 mins you have probably updated to sync 3.4. Not maps.
  6. Think you are expected to DIY ..... if you have unzipped the file to your flash just insert in car USB and it should start updating
  7. Anyone seeing any movement on the ford web site offering mapsF9?
  8. My internet is 37 mbps and the Wi-fi download on the car worked for 3.4 update. very slow........
  9. I have the same issue. I believe ALEXP999 advised it is a voice file. not much help I admit 🤔
  10. Anyone getting the maps F9 updates from the Ford web site yet? mine advises software up to date and doesn’t check for maps........
  11. unless you have a friendly dealer its £££££££££££ my local Trust Ford charge for everything.
  12. As i understand F7 is 2017, F8 is 2018 and F9 is the delayed 2019 revamped to 2020.
  13. Alexp999 any suggestions?
  14. So will a new dab package be imminent? still no sign of maps over Wi-fi