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  1. Sounds very similar to my experience. The garage charged the battery and tell you it’s now fixed - duh!? See my other thread on this - latest status is the battery was replaced for free which has made a difference thought little frost this year so limited testing. I have noticed the auto start stop functioning much sooner after starting, though. I measured a low voltage in the morning before starting (11.9, but rising to 15 when started) but the technician said it’s not to do with voltage, it’s the health. I don’t believe them - that seems too low for a battery only 12hrs after it’s been running. Assuming the alternator is ok, it’s likely the battery not holding charge or some electronics draining overnight, eg WiFi or GPS for example. I’ve disabled WiFi recently. FYI there are two halves to the screen heaters, hence the two big fuses. You could try measuring resistance from fuse to ground but that might not work depending where the fuse is, in the circuit. Also, you might see and hear the revs dip when you turn it on as it’s a big draw on the alternator.
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    Grille shutters

    180 diesel manual Interestingly I have tried starting it this eve when the heating/aircon was switched off and now the fan doesn’t come on after the shutters cycled closed>open>closed. There’s actually two fans but the lower one doesn't come on. I put the heating/aircon back on and again the upper fan started. Perhaps the problem is resolved since un-jamming one of the shutters.
  3. Hi hit a pheasant and smashed the upper grille. Local garage fitted a new one when doing the tyres and all seemed ok. Recently noticed the fan running when I wouldn’t expect it to need to. Some googling suggested this is due to the electronics playing safe, if the shutters don’t work properly. I dislodged a jammed shutter today and thought that’s nailed it but the fan still comes on after I see the shutters open and shut immediately after starting. Question - do the cooking fans always come on or is it impacted by say the aircon settings too? Also, after starting from cold I’m assuming the shutters close immediately to enable the engine to warm asap. Does anyone have any details of what should happen and any specific tests I can perform. Done want to pay the dealer £120/hr to tell me that the £200 plastic thing needs replacing!! Thanks!
  4. Hi. After a few tries yes I think it’s sorted. They refused anything was wrong because the computer simply said the batter voltage was low. After a lot of calls they changed the battery though I tried to get them to tell me if the drain current was within spec but it was a slow and painful conversation which still hasn’t been answered. We haven’t had too much frost this year annoyingly so I haven’t tested it as much as I’d have liked! You sort yours? What was it?
  5. Hello - I hope someone out there is able to help. Our 2017 SMax doesn’t seem to want to activate the heated front screen every time it’s switched on. The light comes on the switch but the screen doesn’t heat. Under warranty it went back to the dealer who said it was due to battery low voltage. A drain test showed the battery to be ok and the alternator appears to be working ok too. Yesterday morning the screen did work ok, probably only 12hrs after it was last running. Tomorrow I will test it again, as the car will have stood for 2 days. I’ll also take a battery voltage measurement before starting. Auto start stop and heated seats do work ok. Local dealer wants the car again for a few more days to test for drain and to do further checks. Has anyone else come across this, particularly anything related to devices draining the battery. Does the WiFi pairing look to my home WiFi go to sleep correctly? Does leaving the iPhone USB cable plugged in to the dash cause the CPU to stay awake and drain current (with no phone connected), etc. Any pointers appreciated so I can assist the dealer.