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  1. Interesting. I thought there was only one auto box for the 100bhp engine. Not sure what the OP means regarding auto gearbox?
  2. Thanks, so thats exactly the same method as specialists fit part protection film on the front of cars. Appreciated.
  3. Thanks, be really interested to see a photo of it fitted please Rob, need to see how easy it is to fit and also what coverage it gives please?
  4. The only issue I have found is with the boot liner. If you order the split level boot, the boot liner catches on the fittings either side at the back.
  5. I have the mudflats also and they fit really well. Where have you got the boot lip film from please Rob?
  6. Interesting, thanks for your reply. I have only driven the car at night a couple of times, so, still getting used to it. For me, there are flaws in how the auto high beam (AHB) works, as like you, mine can get confused easily. So, the decision comes down to do you find the AHB too annoying and turn it off, or, leave it on and accept its flaws. Time will tell with me on this, will need to do a few more miles first. I also find like you that the high beam comes in so gradually, it hard to see that it has come on lol.
  7. Same here. I purchased them when I ordered the car and now they are installed, they look really great. I think I purchased a Ford accessory kit with mudflats, boot liner and first aid kit etc. Good value at £199. As DG97 says, really good quality they are.
  8. Be interesting to hear what your ford dealer says regarding this and associated costs.
  9. As above, I can only suggest its to protect the life of the bulbs/LED's when on auto, as they are on and off all the time.
  10. Thanks DG97, this is really strange. Thanks for the confirmation. I wonder if it is to protect the life of the bulbs/LED's? We have a number of Ford's (Mondeo/Galaxy) at work and they have this auto high beam. They switch on and off instantly, not fade on and off. Now I know that it is how it is meant to be, but, it is a little strange. For example, I was driving home last night. The system was in auto and I was going through some country roads. When cars came towards me it would fade off, then fade on after the car has passed. BUT, due to how dark it was and the nature of the road, it would have been a lot safer for it to come on instantly to assist me in seeing ahead. If you manually switch on and off whilst it is in auto mode, the same fade on and off happens. Switch it to manual and it works really quickly. Strange.
  11. Guys, can people with LED headlights check this for me please: When you turn the light switch onto manual headlights, and then switch manually between high beam and low beam, the high beam LED's go on and off immediately. When you then turn the light switch onto auto high beam, and then drive, the car switches the high beam on and off for you (nice feature!) However, when the car switches on and off the high beam, the high beam LED's switch on and off gradually (like a home dimmer switch). Is this what they should do please, as it seems quite strange to me. Can LED owners check theirs for me please? Thanks, Dave
  12. Whenever I do things like this, I use the replacement part to work out where all the screw etc go, ie, take a look at the new part and form a plan as to how it all comes apart etc, then fitting is the reverse. Hope that makes sense.
  13. But that will only stop the "relay" theft, ie, they boost the power of your key inside your house etc. There are still the OBD thefts.......