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  1. nashdm2

    Sync 3

    Thanks Chris, much appreciated. The car has been built and it is currently making its way down the Rhine on a huge Barge to Vlissingen.
  2. nashdm2

    new st-line, worried about security.

    Yes, seen this before, in a vid on youtube, made a very good job of it.
  3. I will do the same then as our expected miles will be about 8k PA. I will get an oil and filter done in between.
  4. Very strange, that video above sounded like a classic top end of the engine issue.
  5. I am very confused with this whole service schedule with the Mk8 Fiesta. I hope to make more sense of it when mine arrives.
  6. nashdm2

    new st-line, worried about security.

    Check out youtube, there is a chap called Jonny who looks at all the options to prevent this. His channel is JB I think.
  7. nashdm2

    ETIS Access

    OK, thanks for the replies chaps, thats good enough for me.
  8. nashdm2

    First Aid kit and Warning Triangle

    Thanks Guys, yes, I saw them in the accessories brochure which prompted me to ask before I ordered them. Thanks.......
  9. Guys, do these products come with all new Mk8 deliveries please?
  10. As per title guys, anybody fitted this Ford approved kit to their Mk8 please?
  11. I am midway through the ETIS registration page and there are warnings all over the website about legal access blah blah blah. Now, I am a very "Nervous Nerys" with these things lol, so, should I just proceed or bin the access please?
  12. nashdm2

    Fold out plastic door protectors retrofit 7.5

    So, I have ordered a new Mk8 which should be with me soon. I ordered this upgrade before I had seen it. I have since seen three cars that have it fitted, my observations are as follows: 1. The doors need to be kept exceptionally clean or the door protectors when they pop out and slide back over the door edge will scratch the door edge. I saw two cars with this as an issue. 2. Two of the cars I saw with this fitted were not working well enough. They would pop out as expected, but not slot back over the door edge, just stayed stuck out. After seeing this, I cancelled this as an extra on my car. Dave
  13. nashdm2

    MK8 VIN Number

    Brilliant Alex and Jake, exactly what I was after. Thank you both.
  14. nashdm2

    MK8 VIN Number

    Guys, my new Mk8 has been built last week. I have been given a VIN number for the car, but, its only 11 digits long. Looking at the VIN I have, it looks like something is missing at the front of the 11 digits. So, do all the Mk8's have the same digits in front of what I have please? Thanks......
  15. nashdm2

    MK8 Fiesta ST-Line Engine Run In

    I am part of a BMW forum where this "early oil change" was discussed. There was some knowledge about the initial oil that goes into the engine when new contained a special "something" that was designed to help the engine bed everything in during its early miles, then, if you change that oil too early then the additive that was put in would not be there when it was needed. Now, there was an element of intelligence around it, but certainly no proof.