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  1. Whenever I do things like this, I use the replacement part to work out where all the screw etc go, ie, take a look at the new part and form a plan as to how it all comes apart etc, then fitting is the reverse. Hope that makes sense.
  2. But that will only stop the "relay" theft, ie, they boost the power of your key inside your house etc. There are still the OBD thefts.......
  3. I am sure there was a thread about this recently. Have a search.
  4. There is a good vid on youtube which walks through the options to solve. Also, a very long thread on here discussing the same.
  5. I am no expert, but, we have a fleet of various Fords with the projector headlights and they are really bad. Just my experience, but, try and drive one with these lights before deciding, after all, its just my opinion.....
  6. Roger, what material is the cover made of please as I am sure that somebody said it was made of rubber?
  7. There are a couple of vids on youtube where blokes have done this.
  8. Thats almost certainly a battery issue or the cables feeding the battery?
  9. nashdm2

    ECO mode

    If you look at used car sites and look at Vignale 140's, you can see an eco button down between the chairs.
  10. Just out of interest, is there anything directly underneath the hole that is in danger of being damaged when you drill?
  11. I think thats the same one that Jonny used on his install (youtube)
  12. That's quite strange for a belt to be inside the oil chamber?
  13. If you look on youtube, there is a bloke called Jonny (JB Channel) who does many mods to his ST and the dashcam is one of the mods. He shows you what fuse to use etc. Let me know what you think of your Vignale as I have the identical car coming this week hopefully.