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  1. +1 Also that's a heck of a lot of roadworks in the first shot !
  2. Just looked at mine and it seems to be the side pinch method as mentioned above. You get to 3 1/4's of the way down and it feels like there's a lot of tension so I'd take it gently , something definitely ready to snap if pulled too hard
  3. Does anyone know (or have you) if you can fit ambient lighting to interior door handles on a fiesta/focus etc? Looks odd without lighting here compared to other brands
  4. Which induction kit did you go for @ST125?
  5. No Pano roof sadly! Article makes a good point but there doesn't seem to be any release holes. Further adds to the mystery lol I'm at work until Wednesday so will probably try look Thursday Electrics of some sort is my suspicion
  6. Good shout , I've seen them on Amazon just now. Looks like a good idea. Ha I doubt it's an air vent 😂 I don't have the B&O either - doubt it's a speaker by looking at it. I'll dig out my trim tools at some point and take off 👍
  7. Agreed with @DG97, 3k miles is when I found the engine was happy to be 'driven' but can vary. Revo have released their map now but again it's the risk, waiting on Mountune to see if they bring one out in the near future
  8. Strange, might try pop it off with a trim tool and have a look. Just odd to have it fixed there
  9. Hi folks, anyone know what this panel (circled in red) is for (or whats behind it) on the mk8 fiesta? Also, has anyone got any recommendations for gadgets they use to stop bags rolling about in the boot? The hooks (circled in blue) are ridiculously shallow so nothing stays on them unlike the focus. TIA
  10. Nowhere to be seen @Martijn89 unfortunately, it would be a good feature to have. I contacted Forscan @Chancee re engine noise in to the cabin. They asked me to do a test via the software and send them the results. I then received a test build of Forscan with this option available. I went to enable on the vehicle, but the software said it's already enabled?? So back to Forscan, and they said they don't know if it is enabled on the STline and asked for test info from someone with a ST. I can't see it being enabled on the STline and reading some more online, some suggest it's a pipe with a mesh which ends in the cabin dash for the sound enhancement, not via the speakers. So i've given up on this one.
  11. Thanks @Jollyandy - i'll look in to the distance switch. No I didn't , it's annoying as it's the last one on my last aside from adaptive cruise. If I find it, i'll tag you. Don't suppose you've contacted Forscan have you?
  12. I think I maybe know the answer already but there's an option on FORScan to enable adaptive cruise control on the MK8 Fiesta. I have standard cruise control already, and given that radar/sensors are already in place on the car, can I switch it on and use it? Or do I need additional hardware? If additional hardware, could anyone point to what I'd need? Many thanks!
  13. Fair play for keeping your cool mate, not many would 👍 Ignore him and forget it. Karma will come around , let's hope he gets caught by someone like @Stoney871 in the future.
  14. This link @Hawkeyeone
  15. I recently enabled this feature on my fiesta using FORScan. The option to enable now appears in the car settings menu (instrument cluster screen) but nothing happens when I shift in to reverse. Does anyone have any idea as to why? Maybe there's hardware that needs to be installed to support? Read somewhere that the drivers memory switch needs to be present, or something along those lines, but can't find it now. TIA