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  1. Try holding power button and seek right down for 10-20 seconds @BustedCeramics
  2. Thanks for the info @DG97, pending your images, I think I've made up my mind on the Osrams. Funnily enough, I took out my bulbs to check how I'd install once I order the new bulbs, and the stock bulbs are made by Osram Germany!! They must be wholesale bulbs or something along those lines as they are terrible. What made you go for blue on the side beam?
  3. +1 , would be good to see any pics if you have any @DG97, been thinking of doing this change for a while now Edit: also, what made you go for cool blue as opposed to the standard? Purely for looks? This is what I'm thinking but most of the time, the visibility needed will be from side lights rather than full beam.
  4. Thanks @Da9L! The setup looks cool. Do you always have yours on? Any issues or functionality which doesn't work?
  5. Thanks @Da9L, interested to see what it looks like!
  6. Are you able to show a picture of the ford performance screen please? @Da9L
  7. From memory, the mk7 ST1 has the barrel ignition - but is the lowest spec'd @muffintastic
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone, I tried Aviva as @cjay1 first recommended and I'm gutted I didn't try them last year. £350 cheaper than the cheapest on the comparison site and loads included as standard 👍 Plus no mod fees either unlike old insurer who charged for anything.
  9. Has anyone got any recommendations for insurers that support modifications aside from the usual comparison sites? It becomes tedious trying to explain modifications to the call centre guys who aren't sure what I'm talking about.. A few people on here have mentioned Adrian Flux but they quoted me around £350 more than the cheapest price comparison site. Any recommendations welcome!
  10. No issues here either, last purchase was a dashcam and wiring kit and didn't bat an eyelid
  11. I've come across loads of these types of posts but can't find a thread which is specific to the mk8. I think I'm looking for a cable somewhere in the boot, but unsure of which side. Any pointers appreciated ,
  12. I saw this on Paintmodz site before mate, it's disappointing. Be good to know what they say back to you (i.e if they are planning on making a new shark fin to fit) @jsk
  13. Air con will do you right in this weather mate, enjoy 👍
  14. Thanks @DG97, that looks exactly what I'd need but look at the price!! It'd make the retrofit nearer £250 mark. Might have to rethink this one or find 'nicer' looking fixed ones - wish I ticked the box now. Yeah I asked FPUK a while back and they never replied, went on their site but there's no items for sale anymore so that's a shame. Got some good bits from them over last year or so!
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