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  1. I like the the handling the most , it seems 10x more refined than the previous mk7.5 - especially in the corners. Dislike - rear windshield visibility. Smaller than previous gen which makes car parks a bit tricky
  2. DEVSR2

    mk8 Climair wind Deflectors

    Hi @FiestaAndy - did you get these fitted in the end?
  3. DEVSR2

    MK8 Fiesta ST-Line Engine Run In

    Hi @TomBoyNI, I recently upgraded to a MK8 ST-L-X 140ps and asked the same question to the tech & sales person. Both gave me different answers so I had to read the manual 😞 Below is an extract of the 'Driving Hints' section under breaking in. I'm following that advice and keeping under 3k revs (based on previous threads) and changing early to see how it goes. I actually had to boot it today though off a junction (very tight space before the potential of being stuck behind 4 artics on a single road) so I may have exceeded the 3k lol. Hope this helps! PS She flew down the junction (nice to hear the turbo!!) with ease 🙂 " Tires New tires need to be run-in for approximately 300 mi (500 km). During this time, you may experience different driving characteristics. Brakes and Clutch Avoid heavy use of the brakes and clutch if possible for the first 100 mi (150 km) in town and for the first 1000 mi (1,500 km) on freeways. Engine Avoid driving too fast during the first 1000 mi (1,500 km). Vary your speed frequently and change up through the gears early. Do not labor the engine."
  4. I haven't seen loads of content regarding dead pedals/foot rests but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for one to fit the MK8 Fiesta which ideally says Ford Performance. I'd take a ST one if push came to shove, but I wondered if anyone knows where I could purchase or spec one from? There's only a few on eBay (such as this) that I like the look of but ideally a custom one would be the way to go.. I don't dislike the ST ones - but I've gone with Ford Performance in the rest of the interior. Any suggestions?
  5. DEVSR2

    Dashcam recommendations

    Thanks for all of the advice guys - much appreciated!! Like anything, there's far too many to choose from and narrowing it down is tricky - currently, the Garmin 55 is in the short list. 15% off with FOC at halfords but I've seen better deals so I'll keep searching.
  6. DEVSR2

    MK8 Footwell lights

    Thanks to the advice of this thread - I fitted my footwell lights today. Lamps were around £10 each from FPUK. Passenger is a doddle but I honestly thought that I was going to snap the drivers side wire when pulling (didn't remove metal bar either) but nope, all was good. Lights look great and is probably the best £20 I'll spend on mods imo.
  7. DEVSR2

    Dashcam recommendations

    Hi guys Picked up a new Fiesta earlier today which is great, but one of the questions I asked the salesperson was, can I fit a dashcam on PCP? (hardwired). The salesperson had no issue but did warn that a lot of MK8 owners are returning to the dealer (surprising amount actually) as various different dashcams are draining the battery when car isn't in use. This was less noticeable on the MK7 & 7.5 apparently. Anyway, taking in this advice, I've had a look at dashcams online and on FOC to see which ones would be good to run off the cig lighter (which I don't want to do but if it saves battery...). Can anyone recommend a good brand/model? I've looked at Nextbase but they seem massive next to the rear view mirror. I'd ideally like something a little more discreet. Any tips? Many thanks! PS. Not fussed about parking modes.
  8. Agreed!! Arnold Clark is a very common sticker. Friend of a friend of mine bought a 335i (drives like a **** as standard) from them and was *apparently* told that removal would cancel his warranty and/or service with them. Not sure how that would be enforceable but he removed anyway and it left an awful glue residue on the privacy glass - had to buy some product to remove.
  9. DEVSR2

    Mk8 Forscan chat

    Thanks for the advice guys 👍 I'll have a play and see what I can do. Can anyone point to a Forscan beginner guide or similar? I've seen several posts stating not to mess with it unless competent. I work in IT so I'm ok with software but never used Forscan. I assume there's a trial period of some sort?
  10. DEVSR2

    Ford Fiesta Mk8 Subwoofer Installation

    Thanks @DG97, there may still be a chance then. I'll ask my local dealer when I go in and see if they know. If it's a simple case of buying the part & wiring then it should be fairly straightforward?!
  11. DEVSR2

    Ford Fiesta Mk8 Subwoofer Installation

    I'd be interested to know if this was the case too. Could make the retrofit fairly simple. However are the usual speakers (doors etc) in the MK8 just ford ones or are they B&O but without the subwoofer/software?
  12. DEVSR2

    Mk8 Forscan chat

    Thanks for confirming! I think this would look great - any penalty for doing this change whilst on PCP? (or any Forscan change during PCP?)
  13. DEVSR2

    Mk8 Forscan chat

    Hi all, may be a little late in reading this but I assume the splash screen is the screensaver type when you switch on the ignition? If so, does anyone have a pic of the ST display?
  14. DEVSR2

    mk8 Climair wind Deflectors

    Not sure if this helps but the Climair ones my friend ordered were through the dealer. We ended up having to file down to make them fit!! So they will go in, just a bit of filing to do.