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  1. I purchased a 1.1 mk8 Fiesta in sept 17. It was the 85ps model 5spd box and was a great car. Mpg in high 40's but the only problem was it lacked 'go'. To get any decent acceleration it was planting it in 2nd before 3rd. Happier with my new car now like but good little motor and very very good on fuel - unlike my new ecoboost 😂
  2. Thanks for the update all very much appreciate it 👍
  3. My fiesta stlx came with 34psi front and 30psi rear from the dealer. Door sticker provides guidelines based on loads but I'm wondering if anyone just does xx all the way around the car? It's not often there's a heavy load in the back but want a bit extra in case. 32psi all away around won't be bad for the car will it? Interested to see what everyone does on their fiestas. Thanks!
  4. DEVSR2

    ECO mode

    100% agree , the 140 stlx is the best car I've had in terms of toys and it certainly isn't slow! I'd love the ST but in terms of commuting, I'm ok with the current fuel bill 😂 friend of mine is getting 24.6 mpg with his ST-2 so no good for me who is on the road visiting clients all day. PS eco mode not that great I've found. Not in the stlx or mk7.5. it seems to reduce throttle slightly but no noticeable difference to mpg
  5. Did you have to drill to install @Hair? I quite like this mod but I don't think I'd install if it requires drilling like some of the aftermarket options
  6. Thanks @Eric Bloodaxe i'll take some shots and we can compare 🙂
  7. Thanks guys!! Advice is much appreciated. Yeah I've seen this GPF talk a few times now and wonder if mine has one. I'll get a pic of the engine at the weekend and see what you think 👍 @Eric Bloodaxe
  8. @robbyvrs are those the two mounts?
  9. I have the footwell lights @DG97, they are the best £20 I've spent on a car imo 👍 aside from that and a steering wheel badge overlay, that's all I have so looking for inspiration tbh
  10. Agreed mate. They're going for 40 on the bay of e however I rang a breakers yard and even they quoted 35 for a used one. Think I'll have to bite the bullet! Just untidy each time I open the bonnet. @Eric Bloodaxe
  11. Hi folks I'm looking to see what the MK8 st line owners have done to their fiesta. Doesn't have to be performance mods can be visuals. Just interested to see what's out there!
  12. Thanks @jsk just had a read. It doesn't look too bad when trimmed so I'm going to have to give that a go. It's a shame they didn't make one , even as an approved part as there's a few folk on here who would buy 👍
  13. If you scroll to the settings option on the instrument display, there is an option for the alarm. Either full guard or reduced guard (guessing it's reduced he'd after) Theres also a 'Always ask on exit' option which would be ideal for dog free days.
  14. @SimonRich I've been searching for s while mate and no joy. I read it was something to do with safety.
  15. Thanks @robbyvrs .. do you have a photo by any chance?