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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply, the fan is kicking in,it does blow the cap when it is really hot,the only thing we have not changed is the water pump, but the water is circulating radiator is getting hot so are all the pipes and as my hubby says thats it he cant think of any thing else
  2. love this little car but have been plagued with heater and water problems, finally had mobile mechanic to put a new ford hcv on the car but on testing, the coolant blew from the expantion tank, so new tank, and cap, we thought cylinder head had gone, but no messy stuff, and he did a sniff test and that was ok, soooo any ideas,hubby wants to get rid but I love the car, but is there some thing we are missing, I have trailed all the sites looking for advise, but I think we need a bit by bit walk through of what to do, if you know what I mean , oh and if the sniff test said the cylinder head is ok can we believe it, sorry if this post is a bit mixed up .