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  1. Thanks for your detailed reply Peter I have been looking and testing at the wiring that is all to do with the DPF sensor and what I have found is that I'm not getting a signal reading on the DPF sensor switch so I have disconnected the sender thats on the left side of the DPF and I only get a Ohms reading of about 1485 when the tester is on the 2000 scale which I believe is not right ? would you know off hand what inpedance reading that sensor should be ? and just to let you know all the time I have no codes stored Thanks For your input Peter
  2. What are the problems they suffer from near to the DPF Peter ? as I have just ahd a look at that end of the pipies and the look ok do they get blocked ?
  3. slight update I have started today by looking for anything else that may be flaging up the engine malfunction message that gets displayed when the problem occurs looking at electrical connections and any damaged wiring while all the wiring looks good with no flakey connections. I sal this little electrical unit on the side of the batery box that has 2 12mm pipes attacthed I dont have a clue what this may be but just by looking I would say its some type of switch anyone know what this part is and its function ? Thanks
  4. Got the new sump plug but i have hot seen the new washer but sunday is going to be changing the deisel filter and having a good root about looking for split hoses and any multi plug damaged to cables and cleaning all sensor plugs and spraying with dilectric spray as there is no guarantee the filter will fix the issue
  5. this is the sevice kit that I purchased could you guys take a look at the filter there is a good picture of it eBay item number: Ebay item number 263847654337
  6. I hope I have the right filtter it is ford part number EN: AV6Q9D410BA can anyone confirm this is the right filter ?
  7. what is the best method with the filter chang fill new filter before fitting ?
  8. I have a new filter kit to go on this weekend
  9. Will that not store the code in historic codes ?
  10. Hi there Guys first post here so go easy on me my Daughter has a 2012 MK3 diesel focus that is quite new to her (about 3 months) now I dont know if this problem is due to the change in the weather this last month as the car was no problem before the change. The car does not have excessive miles on it 70,000 but it will loose power and go into limp mode I believe going by my Daughters discription of what is happening this is while in top gear on motorways normally but if she turns the car off for a short while it goes back to normal. This Morning this has happened 4 times it was happerning with
  11. Hi there folks just a quick hello from me here in south east Kent have a problematic focus so lets hope you guys along with myself will be able to get this car sorted. I'm not a fan of any garages due to the fact most dont know much more than I do and are happy to charge for thier incompetence.
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