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  1. Thanks all for your replies thus far... I am so frustrated with Ford, they have had the car for about 5 days, 1 day at a time every time I highlight a new fault for them to tell me no fault codes so nothing wrong! Seems like they can’t be bothered to listen to customers and actually look to resolve the faults. The flapping noise is so annoying and pretty loud tbh...I will get them to look at it under the TSB. I started to think it was the wind disturbance from the wing mirrors! Do you all get in wet weather, when lots of water coming of the windowscreen being blown about on the front side glass? Like all the turbulence from the mirrors is pushing the water around on the glass rather than up and over the car...thinking of fitting after market window wind deflectors. The problems starting and with the gears are my biggest issue. I have no trust my car will actually start some time. I have tried everything, from holding the power button to starting the power going through the car before asking it to turn over...regardless doesn’t make a difference More recently the car have been in for its first service at a new Ford branch, they reviewed all the faults and tightened some of the gear cables? Which made the gear changes/box perfect for a couple of days before it made the problem worse. The stop start thing is strange, it’s actually a very fast light vibration of a line from the fuel tank that says ‘fuel delivery’, it’s like it’s constantly priming the engine for it to start straight away again. Never known any Ford to do this but again Ford didn’t know, so just compared it to one in the garage. Which doesn’t prove it’s not broken. Took them the whole day to work that out
  2. 1) Problems starting - Issues when starting from cold (standing for around 10hrs+), or in anything less than mild weather. I get into the car and quickly tap the start/stop button and the dashboard lights up. The engine then starts to turn over but this takes a noticeable time to finish when it finally does fire up significant shudder through the car. Sounding like it’s almost about to stalk and not start at all. The starting/turning over time from cold seems to be getting longer as the problem goes on. Has been reviewed by Bussesy’s Ford but no faults found. It really makes me think it isn't going to start when I really need it. This has been reviewed by Bussesy’s a couple of further times but still no faults found. The problem persists and doesn't fill me with confidence 2) Squeaky front wiper blades - Blades bounce and squeaked every time when in full upright extension. These were the original blades that had been on the car less than 1year. Has been reviewed by Bussesy’s, some grease stuff added to the window screen but short lived. I had to purchase 3 different sets/brands of blades to get some that don't squeak or bounce on the window screen as much. Still can be problematic. 3) Stop/Start Hissing - When start stop active loud hissing noise coming from the underneath of the car on the rear passenger side. When looking under the car appears to be the orange 'fuel delivery' line vibrating/hissing. Has been reviewed by bussesy’s but told they don't really know the car or if it should be doing it. Compared to a demo model on display which did the same. So closed off as no fault. 4) Intelligent All Wheel Drive “AWD OFF” - During the snowy weather this year (2018) car has been parked up all night, roads not partially snowy or icy as the worst had melted. On the short drive into work the warning came up saying "Intelligent AWD OFF". There was no trigger for this. I called Bussesy’s who suggested calling Ford assist for the AA to attend to review the fault. They attended and couldn't find the vehicle/engine on their computer diagnostic machine. So he had to run the engine/internal computer through every Ford spec he had on the system to try and find the fault. No faults linked with the 4x4 system were found but a lot of minor fault codes were found, unknown problems or reasons. 5) Oil change required - Since around the end of Sept/start of Oct an amber warning message on the dash appears every time the engine is started. It says something along the lines of "Oil change required". The first service (24mth interval) is due around April 2019. I spoke to someone at the service team at Bussesy’s to discuss this warning light as the service isn't due for some time. They advised me this is due to the computer on the car has been set to the build date rather than the registration date. The earliest they would let me book the car in for its first service would be Feb 19. This has caused for a period for the warning to be shown on the dash until its serviced. I have since looked at the dip stick and discovered the oil level is at the minimum level and very black looking. I have read some reviews which state the warning could also genuinely be advising the oil has come to the end of its life, thus possibly causing damage to the engine where Ford (Bussesy’s) have advised me to keep driving it for another 4mths. 6) Coolant Tank - Following looking at the oil level I also looked at the coolant tank and discovered this was significantly below minimum. I went to a garage/car supplies shop to buy some coolant top-up. The liquid I purchase was a brand that suggested it was suitable to be added into any colour coolant. I topped it up to just below the maximum level. I then started the car and took it on a journey using the A47, when joining the carriageway getting up to 70MPH the car was running fine. I then slowed down for a roundabout and the car went into limp mode with an amber "spanner" warning appear on the dash. I then found somewhere to pull over, stopped the car and turned the engine off. I then restarted the car and the warning didn't return. I have since done a couple hundred miles and the coolant has dropped back down to around half. I'm not sure if there is a leak or if this is causing some of the engine issues described. 7) Issues with gear box/clutch - Over the last few months I have noticed the gear box/clutch seems off. It’s very hard to get the gear stick in 1st and 3rd most of the time and very clunky when moving into 2nd/3rd. 3rd is a real problematic gear, very often I will go to move from 2nd or 4th to 3rd and the gear lever feels like it’s not fully going into to 3rd. It then feels like it clunks into its slot but then when I come off the clutch and on to the accelerator it doesn’t want to do anything, it’s a strange situation I have never seen before. This is the only gear it does this with, but the other gears I can have issues getting into. The clutch is temperamental, sometimes it engages the gear fine others it doesn't release very well and makes the power/clutch override each other. It’s noticeable when reversing that when using clutch control the power can suddenly just drop off and disappear. The other day when I was driving it reasonably hard to keep up with traffic on fast roads the next gear up was selected and engaged, clutch fully up, I applied power to the accelerator and the car gave me nothing back, it then took a few seconds for the power to engage. It was like the computer was preventing me from applying power, which in turn was causing coasting. When I stopped off at my location the clutch smelt like burning. I wasn't riding the clutch but it seems like it wasn't releasing the gear. 8) Driver’s door – More recently I have notice that even though the driver’s door is confirmed as shut on the centre screen the ambient lighting in the door doesn’t revert back to the pre-set colour, it states red like it’s still insecure. This forces me to stop my journey and slam the door pretty hard to get the light to turn off 9) Wind turbulence rattle – When going around 60+MPH, normally on dual carriage ways there is like a wind turbulence rattle coming from both undersides of the vehicle. It sounds like something is flapping around in the wind. I suspect this is from the mud flaps that area under the rear doors, there is a small flap of plastic protecting the door seal area from mud off the wheels. 10) Signs reader - I used to own a 15 plated Mondeo, this was great for reading the road signs and if it missed the sign because it was damaged or facing the wrong way, for what ever reason. The car used the satnav to plot the speed limits for that location, road and area (was very accurate, to the point I crossed through 'speed limit' painted on the floor, no signs and it flicked over. This was very helpful when driving in France. My Edge seems really poor picking up speed limit signs, which when driving in an area I don't know it makes it hard to know what speed to do If I missed the sign (pretty heavy right foot). It appears most have had lots of the same problems with their Edge's...would be interesting to see peoples response to some of my problems, with the very basic details (not mechanic minded) I have provided and what answers they could suggest? Don't worry I have already thought about scrapping it lol. Thanks