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  1. For anyone that needs the layout. Big thanks to Mr-fix on YouTube.
  2. That looks like a 1.8tdci engine layout. Thanks for looking though. I've even tried looking for 2.0hdi vacuum layout and still can't find anything.
  3. Fitted an engine to my focus but like a tool I didn't take note of where all the vacuum lines go. I have plumbed them randomly but engine is Smokey and only boosts now and again, and when it does boost it feels too strong. Does anyone know the correct way they all go? Tried looking for diagrams but can't find one.
  4. Check the fuse box near the passengers feet and make sure someone hasn't accidentally knocked the plugs at the bottom as that can create some weird behaviour.
  5. DAB No, but you can use the others with a little bit of rewiring.
  6. Quick update. My high pressure fuel pump jammed up causing major engine damage. Might explain the random jolts my car has had for a while. Just fitted another engine and will be trying to fire her up tomorrow once all pipes are connected and I've managed to get the fuel flowing. As you can see on the pics the bit what spins the HPFP has snapped off and has most likely took out the top end. Thank for your input guys.
  7. Some cars raise the revs to help stop stalling, and how is your DMF?
  8. Thanks I will try that compression method. I'm not very good on the mechanical side as I work on car electrics at work. I did get it on the snap-on and found no error codes, the data list did show enough fuel pressure for start and rpm readings. Either way easy start should get it revving without them things so I can only assume the valves aren't opening when they should. Think I have a modified elm somewhere so I'll take some more reading at the weekend, need to get her running again, can't stand this diesel Honda loaner.
  9. I checked the anti shudder valve and it is wide open. Would you say changing the belt and retiming is worthwhile? I don't have a compression tester but to my ears it doesn't sound much different than usual when cranking. You can definatley hear compression. Is there any way I can check the timing?
  10. Thats possible as its well over due a belt. I have visually checked the belt and its still on and turns when cranking. If it has slipped a tooth is the engine a gonner? please say no ha. I didnt hear and metal crunching sounds, just felt like i'd dropped it to second hear and engine braked.
  11. Hi, having a big problem here. I was rolling down a hill on Sunday when the car jolted like I'd dabbed the brakes, tried to accelerate and nothing. Safely coasted to a stop engine dead, car cranks and sounds ok but won't start, tried easy start and it won't even suck it into the intake. No vacuum whatsoever. Anyone had this issue or know what the problem might be?
  12. Hi, Pete from Manchester here. Joined in the hope that someone can help get my baby running again. And hopefully I can help others too.
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