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  1. Hi all, Just a quick 'what’s your view' post. I've been tasked with some big journeys over the next few months for work, basically from the south east to south wales and then south east to Hull area. I have a MK3 (pre-facelift) 1.0 125 Eco boost. I've had the coolant pipes changes to the MK3.5 version as well as the additional electric coolant pump fitted to try and rule out the issues with coolant being dumped. My question to you all is not around economy, but more reliability of the engine on a long run like this. I know the head can crack and leak coolant into the cylinders, however, on the newer models this is less likely 'due to a design change'. I would like to know was that design change on the head, or was it around the hoses and pipes that connect to the main block? I'm not one for driving anyway as I can sometimes have slight panic attacks when I over analyse other drivers being stupid rather than myself, but I'm struggling to see how I can get out of this one as public transport especially up to Hull is rubbish. Then to add to that, I worry about the horror stories around these Ecoboost engines imploding. Any words of encouragement would be greatly received.
  2. I've only just seen racechips. I'm very interested in their throttle tuning kit. Doesn't over stretch the engine while increasing throttle response, which is something I feel my car lacks. Overall power is fine, I just want to get it quicker rather than having to wait a while. Also as it's not increasing the performance of the car, I should increase my insurance when declared.
  3. Tickets booked the day they came out at our local Cineworld. I'm with you the same as I love how they've taken something from the comments and committed to transforming that over years into one of the biggest stories in cinema history. I've even managed to get the wife hyped about it. We've recently been reminding ourselves of what's been by having a rerun of all the previous films. I have to say though. I don't know where they are going to go beyond phase 3 into phase 4... I just can't see another 20 films leading up to a spectacular showdown. Bring on endgame! What ever it takes.
  4. Simple really, is it a 5 speed gearbox or a 6 speed? 100 is a 5 speed 125 is a 6 speed
  5. What's about this? Just put your own sim in it? Sent from my SM-J330FN using Tapatalk
  6. Sorry mate. I did read this but didn't have anything informative to contribute. I would say that having a phone plugged in all the time would drain the battery. I know GPS trackers use very little where as a phones charge rate even on standby would be quiet high. Other option is a cheap Chinese one? Sent from my SM-J330FN using Tapatalk
  7. What would people say is the preventative measure on this then? Replace pump every 20k? What's the cost of a new pump these days? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  8. Anyone heard of this as a common problem with the 1.0 litre EcoBoost?
  9. Hi all, I'm hoping to start a thread to put everyone's mind at ease over the 1.0 EcoBoost engines. I wanted to list the known problems and the along with that, list the preventative actions as well as remedial if problems exist. So here goes: Engine failure Caused by- Head cracking - caused by engine overheating. Engine overheating - caused by loss of coolant Loss of coolant - caused by: --Degas hose split --Coolant tank micro cracks --Water pump seal leaking So prevent the latter to stop failed engines? Preventative action: Replace degas hoses for mk3.5 spec? Replace coolant tank when starting to discolour? Replace coolant tank cap when tank changed? What other know engine issues are there for these engines? Thanks. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  10. Lol I'm on tapatalk and it doesn't display that. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  11. What model is yours? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  12. Pahahahaha.... Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  13. £80 for a cell battery... you've got to be joking?