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  1. that's daft, as you require a file that the car puts back on the USB stick to upload to the sync website for ford to recognise that the software is up to date then it will allow you to download the new mapping
  2. patience is the key guys when going through the ford website for the update, that's either for the software or the maps, mine took three weeks in total to get right, going back on ford website and trying again, but agreed on the last update set in the future by that many years defo something wrong. look at my previous posts, that may help?
  3. I feel your pain when I realised my mapping was 4 years out of date on a 1-year-old car......go figure? Just to let you know the F8 mapping was about 25Gb in size (ZIP FILE), took me about an hour to download it, another hour to unzip it to the USB then about 1:30 Hrs to upload to the car!
  4. I am now a very pleased owner of F8 mapping! At friggin last!
  5. ok after 2 hours of download and upzipping of file.....seems so far so good I have on my 64Gb USB: SyncMyRide (folder) autoinstall.lst (file) DONTINDX.MSA (file) Once the misses has finished with the car I will attempt the update in the car, let's see what update mapping version I got from EU 15!
  6. John, what system are you using? iOS or window? also what extraction program are u using
  7. no wait ......... after reloading the XML file it now says I've a map update .........watch this space lol
  8. Yep, still saying EU 4 15 ! not bad considering the car is 2017 model lol and Ford website is still saying I require an update of software! which I've already done. Oh to be on the F8 mapping....... I will still have to find out what to do next!
  9. the same thing happened to me, uploaded file, then recheck VIN then it says you still require an update, very strange as what you said We just did, I have no idea now if I require a further update just for the maps. and whats this F8 business? my maps are still saying EU 4 15 !!
  10. its only updated the Version of software, not the mapping yet and must have been about 21:00 Hrs it accepted my file
  11. FINALLY! Even managed to upload the log file to. Happy Bunny..... all up to date. Was purely down to the server on the website being overloaded with requests, the guy in the Ford dealership in Westbury actually sounded like he knew what he was on about for a change lol. well got a USB Stick now that I'll not need for a while. might stick some music on it lol. ALL in, it took me about 20 mins start to finish.
  12. can't even download the files let alone put them on a USB, very annoying
  13. @Joel Bavidge that's my next plan.....once the snow has buggered off lol
  14. ok, update number 1 at 17:50 hrs.........BIG FAT FAIL from the ford site, see below
  15. https://www.wikihow.com/Find-the-Paint-Color-Code-on-Ford-Vehicles this might help
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