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  1. Does anyone have any experiences with the 'Recommended' Ford Sub?
  2. I thought that may be the case, I just liked the whole fit in the boot and forget about it idea of putting in the B&O system. I had a Kenwood head unit in my old car and that alone made the existing speakers sound great, maybe Ill have a look down the Kenwood route for aftermarket subs.
  3. Firstly thanks for your reply, the original reason I was considering a B&O subwoofer is because of how nicely it fits in the boot. I listened to the B&O system in the dealer and was reasonably impressed, the stock audio in my car sounds great and just a tad lacking in the bass department. But based on what you have said, I think I'll look elsewhere!
  4. Good evening everyone, New here (and a new Ford owner), apologies If I am duplicating another thread etc. I have a Ford Fiesta ST-Line 2018 Navigation without the B&O upgrade, my question is that if I buy the subwoofer (Part: H1BT19A067AA) from a Fiesta that has the B&O system will there be any way to wire it into my non B&O system car? Any help or advice anyone could give would be an immense help Cheers