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  1. Brilliant, cheers for this 👍
  2. I do find it hard to believe myself as I have said in previous posts I originally thought here we go now I have a big problem, but I have two new front tyres and the engine malfunction message and ESP light not showing anymore and shes driving better than ever, so I dunno 🤷‍♂️😂
  3. Turns out I just have a slow puncture. Engine Malfunction seems a bit a drastic for that but thats Ford for ye 😂
  4. Yeah I thought it was strange myself, I didnt think the pressure of the tyres would make the lights go off, but so far thats what im thinking as the ESP light and the Engine Malfunction Message literally came off when I left the garage. The car has been driving great, no signs of anything strange. My plan is to try and get it through the NCT on Friday without the light on so fingers crossed, after that I can get it checked properly.
  5. So I was at the garage today and decided to put air in my tires anyway just to see as I have the NCT on Friday, one of them at the front was only 22 PSI, now the light has gone off 🤷‍♂️👍😂
  6. Yeah if it keeps coming on I will end up getting the codes. I had someone look at it but because I dont drive it much he said first of all I need to give it a bit of a lash in 4th gear that im not driving it hard enough to clear it out. Either way hopefully its nothing big. Thanks for reply.
  7. I currently have a 2009 Ford Focus TDCI Style. The error message in the pic I have attached keeps showing up now and again, brought it for a few runs on the motorway and for about 3 days straight it didnt come on but it started again today for some reason. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks.