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  1. Hi, you will need to ring ford direct for this or you can purchase an SD card with the new maps from eBay
  2. Will have to check up on this, appreciate the help guys!!
  3. Pay £80 to buy direct from ford? Can you possibly send me a link from eBay? Thanks jonro
  4. Does anyone know how to update maps on Sync 2, the sat nav does seem to recognise most of the streets in my city (Leeds)
  5. Thanks you! Can i also add another on here, hopefully you might know more than me, So my car when bought does not come with the stock LED daytime running lights, however am i able to buy aftermarket ones to install on my car? If so do you know of any? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Oh okay, i thought they had to do it manually in a garage, seems a lot more simple. I'm guessing they will provide full instructions?
  7. Good to hear, will need to visit the nearest garage ASAP! Thanks Ian
  8. Woow, i am currently getting 37-near 40, will that just be my driving lol
  9. That's great to hear, has your mpg improved also? As its something they all advertise 🤔
  10. Thanks for th advise! I think i will just stick to bluefin, they seem to be recommended by everyone. Will update once done!
  11. I have seen an ECU remapp from yorkshireremapps and they state my 100bhp could get 142 after the new install Really confused
  12. Thanks for your reply. This doesn't really say much about ECU remap?