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  1. Thanks both! Just showed my wife your posts, she fell over laughing. I’ll have you know that ‘crocs with socks’ are de rigueur amongst us Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV drivers!
  2. Hi EoR, Monday 7th October is fine for me. I’ll PM you my address.
  3. Hi Edge of Reason, No, I still have it! I haven’t got around to putting it on eBay if you are interested. It comes with instructions, but without the 14 year old rather porky ‘miniature’ Dachshund!
  4. Just to keep you all updated, I’m too far for Nick (I’m close to J24 of M1), so I’ll pop it on eBay tomorrow.
  5. I think £40 sounds fair, I have PM’d Nick.
  6. Hello All, After a number of problems with our Edge, and complete main dealer indifference, I traded in our Edge for something else. I still miss what was a great design of car, let down by build quality, and our local dealer. However, I have a Ford Edge Dog Guard (2015 onwards) (part no.G1468) by Guardsman for sale, and was wondering where was best to advertise it, on this site or eBay, given the relative rarity of the cars. Opinions please!
  7. Just to update you all - and to add to the confusion.... The Edge is now at the garage. I joined the AA for £99 + £15 for recovery with home start (its more expensive on the phone than online - there is no way around it). I explained about the electrical issues I had been having, and that it had been booked in over a week ago before it died on me, but the earliest they could do it was 14th Feb. I mentioned the other things that needed doing (water in the tail light strip, a/c recall, and the oil service light resetting) and the service manager came onto reception, and the staff asked abou
  8. Hi thanks for that, but that’s the first I’m hearing of the convenience check....
  9. Hello everyone, thanks for the advice. I tried the charger, but after leaving it alone for a few hours I came back to it and noticed a fault code on the charger. It said the battery was dead and unchargeable. I then came across another problem. I called Ford assist who told me that my AA membership had lapsed. They cover you for the first year and then for a year after each service. When the oil change service message came up on the screen about six months ago I phoned them, and they said that my car only needs servicing every two years. Nobody pointed out that that would mean that my AA cov
  10. Hi all, We have a 2017 model Ford Edge which has had various battery saver messages popping up for a few weeks. I have booked it in for that, and also the air con recall, but the garage couldn’t get it in until 14th Feb. Yesterday, the car was dead. Dead dead, as in wouldn’t open remotely, and I had to get in with the key (that cover is really difficult to remove!). Anyway, I have access to a Ring RSC 16 charger, but I have never charged a battery. Do I have to remove the positive and negative clamps from the battery? I know the auto stop-start makes a difference, and the negative termin
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