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  1. Thanks. I’ve just got another fan for a good price. Also bought another resistor. Just got the lovely job of fitting it all back together.
  2. Thanks. I think the fan is on its way out.
  3. Why has the new heater resistor that I struggled to fit, blown after two days us?
  4. Has anyone ever retro fitted an isolator switch for parking sensors, on a 2003 fusion? I’m going to fit a detachable towbar, but want to be able to switch off the sensors when reversing a trailer. Does anyone know where the bleeper for the sensors is ? Might be easier to switch off to bleeper.
  5. Have fixed the centre glovebox lid. Bought a new one. £45 on eBay.😕
  6. Ebay has the one from Turkey. Nothing on gumtree, fb marketplace or google.
  7. Has anyone ever been able to fix the catch on the centre glovebox lid, on a 2003 Fusion? If so, how? I suspect the catch has broken in the same place that it does on everyone elses. So far, the cheapest I can get a used lid is £40 from Turkey. There aren’t many Fusions in breakers yards.