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  1. KayakJon

    Parking sensors isolator

    Has anyone ever retro fitted an isolator switch for parking sensors, on a 2003 fusion? I’m going to fit a detachable towbar, but want to be able to switch off the sensors when reversing a trailer. Does anyone know where the bleeper for the sensors is ? Might be easier to switch off to bleeper.
  2. KayakJon

    Centre glovebox lid catch

    Have fixed the centre glovebox lid. Bought a new one. £45 on eBay.😕
  3. KayakJon

    Centre glovebox lid catch

    Ebay has the one from Turkey. Nothing on gumtree, fb marketplace or google.
  4. KayakJon

    Centre glovebox lid catch

    Has anyone ever been able to fix the catch on the centre glovebox lid, on a 2003 Fusion? If so, how? I suspect the catch has broken in the same place that it does on everyone elses. So far, the cheapest I can get a used lid is £40 from Turkey. There aren’t many Fusions in breakers yards.