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  1. Thanks Lenny, will take notes of that.
  2. Does anyone know how to renew the boot/hatch release on the above, I have removed the panelling and all I can se are 4 rouphly 10mm nuts, do I remove them and the strip with the Ford logo comes off ? All help appreciated.
  3. My name is Dave Johnson, I have lived in Manchester most of my life and have been a HGV driver for most of my working life finishing the last 20 years working for Total Oil being a tanker driver, now retired I live in Puente don Manuel, Malaga Spain for the last 14 years, running a Pug 307cc180 ideal car for alll the sunshine, I have run many Fords over the years, Sierra Cosworth, 2 RS turbos, (great cars) 1 Fiesta Turbo (yuk) XR3i’s XR3’s, XR2, Consul GT, Cortina GT,and a few more, in UK I have just bought a 2010 Focus Titanium in black, really like it with all the extra’s, looking forward to being a part of this club.
  4. Thanks guys for all the reply’s, all very welcome and helpful, should know more tomorrow when I go and view it, I will get the colour code too, I have not seen many Focus’s in this colour.👍👍👍
  5. Hi all, I am looking at bying a November 2008 Focus 1.8 TDCI Titanium, from the photos it looks aubergine (purple) but the DLVC website info is saying “RED” is this correct or should it say aubergine? Also any commen faults/problems to look for with this model when I view it. Big thanks in advance, 😁😁 Dave