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  1. Hi there, I just got my first CC3 a couple of weeks ago. It is a 2.0 tdci with 87000 miles. As soon as I got it, I took it to my trusted garage and got a full service done. They found the DPF blocked and one of the turbo pipes was close to splitting, so the DPF got cleaned and reconditioned and the pipe was changed along with the full service. The car has an issue though, if you could please help with your advice. (Before and after the mentioned service) The car starts first time when cold and runs beautifully until it reaches between 75C and 90C (closer to the 90C mark). After this, it does not start easily, the revs go to about 500rpm and then the engine stalls - you try a few more times and starts okay. When the engine temperature is in the above mentioned range, a few times during a drive, the throttle pedal becomes unresponsive and does not do anything, the revs go to idle speed. To cure this, I restart the engine and everything goes back to fine. No warning light on the dash at all. The engine sounds lovely and pulls like a train... Anyone had this issue before? If so, did you and how did you manage to fix it? I read a few forums, posts that the ECU software update cures this problem. Some people say the EGR valve needs changing... Any help is appreciated!