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    It’s a diesel 2.0 auto/Manuel. About 4 weeks ago it started juddering for first couple of minutes with first start/drive of the day and then would be fine. A couple of times it lost power and would not go above 20mph then as I say it would all go back to normal. Then about a week later a couple of times a yellow light came on saying transmission power failure. I took it to a gearbox specialist and they suggested a gearbox service which I did. When tested after it seemed fine. Alas not so took it to a dealer they have done a software update on it which is apparently a ‘recall type thing’. Now I’m told it is a suspected solenoid within the gearbox so new box nearly £40000 and no goodwill!!! Taking it back to gearbox specialist for free more in-depth diagnostics
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    Ha! Auto and Manuel gearbox I’m no car expert thought that’s what they are called 🙈 😂
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    Hi I’m new here I have an SMax Titanium 2011 with a semi auto gear box. it’s done 78000 miles. I have been informed it needs a new gearbox as a gear shift solenoid has failed but due to the design it can’t be changed. I have been to ford UK to ask for good will and have been told no due to age of car! Ridiculous it’s done no mileage at all. Has anyone had this issue or had an issue where goodwill was initially turned down but you managed to get that overturned? I have been in contact with a gearbox centre who is going to look at it and are not entirely convinced they know the problem which is why the suggestion of new gearbox. They have also mentioned a mechatronic could be possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mel