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  1. I think the LED headlights are great. I work some 7 miles outside of my hometown and driving down the unlit road in the evening is actually safer, imo, now I can see where I’m going compared to my old MK6.5 Fiesta. First time with heated seats and steering wheel and whilst I’m not a fan of the steering wheel being hot I do love the warm seat. The overtaking ability of the 125ps engine. I’m used to being able to easily overtake on a motorbike but this is the first car I’ve had where I actually look for overtakes and not just sit behind someone on single carriageways.
  2. The engine is really nice but for me it’s the led headlights as well. First car with them, previous car was a mk6.5, and the difference is huge. This time of year my drive home from work is in the dark and I can actually see with these. One thing I’ll add that I dislike is the little triangle gap missed by the wiper blades as the get back to their bottom point. When using the washers it’s a foaming, annoying, tall pyramid.
  3. Totally agree about the auto wipers. The only other car I had them on was a T reg Peugeot 206, I liked that car apart from the wipers being the L/H drive swiping way, and they were crap then. I had hoped some 20 years later the technology would have improved but alas no. Also agree about the rear wiper. I plug my dashcam into the power socket and I do wish it’d go off when you turn the ignition off so I don’t have to unplug it. Yes I know I could tap it into the fuse box and I tried to do that but I couldn’t get a comfortable position in the footwell and I was struggling to get a fuse out
  4. Cheers. I’ll assume it is unless the first really cold night proves otherwise.
  5. Does anyone know if the factory filled screen wash is good for minus temperatures? I was going to extract it but the stupid bends in the fill tube prevented me from doing so. I usually use Halfords -10 degrees stuff with no winter freezing but I’ve hardly used any of the factory stuff since I got the car.
  6. Seeing this thread make me think was it wide enough to take a supermarket trolley token like the slots I had on my MK 6.5. No.
  7. Now the darker mornings and nights are creeping in one thing I’ve discovered is the screen is too bright when reversing. Yes it should only be an aid so look backwards but I’d still like it, like me, a bit dimmer. I have adjusted the screen brightness but this doesn’t seem to do anything to the rear view screen. Is there a way to do this?
  8. Ford should make it that if you change the setting in Forscan it sounds like Joe Pasquale making engine noises.
  9. I think the manual says, for the MK8, the socket stays live for 45 mins after turning off the ignition.
  10. I put all my CDs onto a NAS years ago. It's a huge pain when you do it, well time consuming to be more accurate, but once done it's nice.
  11. Depending on what phone you have you might be better off ripping your CDs and putting them on there and play them via BT. Easier if you have an Android phone. If you fancied the USB route a 64gb stick, get a low profile one, should do though ripping that many CDs will take a long while.
  12. Ford say there is no need for a running in service and the service schedule is 18000 miles or 2 years. Others on these forums have had an oil and filter changed annually, which I will also do, but no need for a first service. I do find it strange that 18000 miles or 2 years is a service interval with no running in service.
  13. If there is no evidence of damage from someone reversing into your Fiesta I wouldn't accept what they say, It wouldn't surprise me if they knew about the issue but would rather charge you for the job as they can get full retail where under Fords warranty they would get less for the same job.
  14. I may be wrong but from what I’ve seen on these forums, WiFi updates don’t work in the UK and it’s best to turn WiFi updates off.
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