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  1. Ford should make it that if you change the setting in Forscan it sounds like Joe Pasquale making engine noises.
  2. I think the manual says, for the MK8, the socket stays live for 45 mins after turning off the ignition.
  3. I put all my CDs onto a NAS years ago. It's a huge pain when you do it, well time consuming to be more accurate, but once done it's nice.
  4. Depending on what phone you have you might be better off ripping your CDs and putting them on there and play them via BT. Easier if you have an Android phone. If you fancied the USB route a 64gb stick, get a low profile one, should do though ripping that many CDs will take a long while.
  5. Ford say there is no need for a running in service and the service schedule is 18000 miles or 2 years. Others on these forums have had an oil and filter changed annually, which I will also do, but no need for a first service. I do find it strange that 18000 miles or 2 years is a service interval with no running in service.
  6. If there is no evidence of damage from someone reversing into your Fiesta I wouldn't accept what they say, It wouldn't surprise me if they knew about the issue but would rather charge you for the job as they can get full retail where under Fords warranty they would get less for the same job.
  7. I may be wrong but from what I’ve seen on these forums, WiFi updates don’t work in the UK and it’s best to turn WiFi updates off.
  8. When I was doing my research for my Fiesta in these very forums someone said, and I’m paraphrasing, if you’re old and boring get the Titanium but if you’re scared of admitting your old and boring get the ST Line. OK they may not have used those words exactly but I took them to mean that 😉
  9. Here's my About Sync screen......
  10. My Sync 3 about screen looks different to the one posted above. My engine date is 03JUN19 and my Sync software version is 3.3 build 19052. The ford website says I have the latest versions.
  11. I'm thinking of getting a different sized bar so I can have the cover on the obd as well. Though it's not an issue.
  12. This was my orignial test piece of iron I bought before I got the car. I didn't realise, at first, where the OBD bolt hoses would be. I change to aluminium for the final part.
  13. I thought about adding self parking to this one but realised my manliness isn’t what it used to be but at least I can still park (though having the sensors and reversing camera may disprove that).
  14. This Fiesta is the first car I've had that has them, also reversing camera, and now I wouldn't want a car without them. Yes I've managed 34 years without them but they make my life easier in reversing situations I think, like Frosties, they're grrreat!
  15. Cheers guys. Mine does have the auto version so I’ll have a play.