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  1. It’s at the point where you may get Roy or Moss when calling for assistance.
  2. I like my North Face Hedgehogs plus a pair of Dainese trainers I have. I cannot drive in motorcycle boots as I have no feeling of the pedals in them, though strangely I can feel the brake lever and gear lever through them when riding a bike.
  3. Autobeam do LED fog lamp replacements and I plan on buying them. I've seen a few people change them on YouTube but only in the ST or ST Line with the different shaped fog lamps but I believe on the Titanium I'm getting I can go in through the wheel arch liners.
  4. Am I going to regret going for the £600 LED headlight option? Ah well, too late now.
  5. Just checked my order form to make sure it matched my, saved, configuration and it does. If anything is wrong it’ll not become my car (subject to what was wrong and what they were willing to bribe me with).
  6. A manufacturer only really knows the true cost of their vehicles once the warrant runs out (obviously not including potential future recalls).
  7. Not the badged ford version but I doubt it’s going to be much different.
  8. From the 2 test drives I’ve had in a 1.0 ecoboost 125ps recently they are longer than my 2007 1.4 fiesta. Will take a bit of getting used to once I get my car.
  9. When I was at the dealer sorting my car out on Thursday they tried to get me to have a stock car that was close to the spec I wanted. The problem was it was a Vignale minus the adjustable boot load floor, I hate the lip with the rear seats down, and no LED headlights. If it had been a Titanium minus them I may have gone for it but I really hate sunroofs so the Vignale, with its massive sunroof, was out of the question. Got to wait till July to get it. I hope their estimated time is reasonably accurate.
  10. 125ps. I did consider the ST-Line X, and test drove one on Thursday, but I’m more conservative with my cars, I save the flash for motorbikes.
  11. 😲 At 51 years old I ordered a Titanium on Thursday 😂
  12. ElliotReid


    Actually I just sussed it. She posted in the wrong forum and she’s introducing herself. Welcome to the forums Miss Claire Passenger-Door.
  13. ElliotReid


    That wouldn’t make sense if she’s the driver though, she’d need to get the drivers door first so she can get in.
  14. What about something like this to remove the excess oil without the need to go under the car? Hyfive Oil Extractor Pump Kit Car Service Oil And Fluid Transfer Pump Extractor 1.6L https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01H0G9RZU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_gltMCb32NNJ35