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  1. Finely got a reply from ford about the key the service manager says he rang ford and they say the key is only supplied to new cars so I don't know where the msn news page got that item from so I think one or the other is telling porkies?.
  2. Hi Les Glad you got it sorted, the card I got was also a Bosch and found it a lot better.
  3. Hi Roger, Yes it's in the news section, I shall go down to the local Ford dealer Trustford in Barnsley and see what they have to say will let you know the cost. Regards Rod.
  4. Hi Mathew, Yes the one I bought was a towsure brand it was the Ford Fiesta 2013-2017 flange tow bar price from £129 the one thing I like about mine is it is a close fit to the bumper and without the tow ball on also if you are not bothered about the wiring then I would think it would be hardly noticeable yes I like there products to I can certainly recommend them had a few for different cars. Any way I hope you get it sorted. Regards Rod.
  5. Hi David go on to ebay, on ebay go to motors section and in the box at the top type in Fiesta Sat Nav SD Card and it will bring up a big list of all sd cards available that's how I found mine hope this helps. Regards Rod.
  6. Hi Mathew, Yes I have had a tow bar fitted to my Mk7.5 Fiesta Titanium X I bought mine from Towsure which are based in Sheffield, I went on there web site ordered the bar for my car also the special wiring harness ant there fitter came out to my home and fitted it on the drive to be honest it wasn't cheap cost about £400 but you have to pay for the fitter coming out to you, the best bet is to google tow bars and see what they come up with. I have to say he made a very good job of mine the reason why I had mine fitted is when I go to my caravan I tow a small trailer with three adults and two do
  7. Has anyone heard about the new key fob Ford have brought out.(Ford launches new keyless fob to combat relay attacks) by all accounts they are available at ford dealers for the Fiesta and Focus. The new fob is equipped with a motion sensor that detects when the key has been stationary for more than 40 secs I found the info on MSN.com/en-gb/cars/news and they are supposed to be supplied as standard with new Fiesta's and Focus also you can purchase a new fob for £65 for Fiesta and £72 for Focus and takes just under an hour to install probably extra charges for that any way I shall be down to my
  8. On my 7.5 fiesta the rear drums are held on by two screws just remove screws and drum comes off, or is mine an update from earlier versions.
  9. Hi Les, I hade the same problem with my built in sat nav it was missing roads and sending me to the wrong places then I found a post on FOC about update cards on ebay so I purchased one cost about £22 slotted it in it said on the chip Tom Tom so I assumed it was there map updates. So I put it to the test I fitted my Tom Tom sat nav in also set up the in car sat nav and from a 100mile run from my home to where I keep my caravan they both gave identical read outs so I might be worth investing in a map update but don't get a Ford as they cost around £100.
  10. Hello all, Hi JibeddyHibeddy same as you first post and(long time reader) I have also noticed the temperature doing the same thing on my 2016 Fiesta 1.5 diesel on a level road the temp drops one bar then start to climb any hills it goes up to two bars I have only had the car ten weeks but since the really cold weather the temp has been dropping, checked coolant no loss so I wouldn't be worried about it probably just the norm with the cold weather. Regards, Rod.
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