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  1. The penny drops. Sorry guys. So with the Led unit bulb only come on with brakes and Led is used when headlights are on. So basically the fact the garage has fitted the wrong unit to the drivers side (without led strip) has totally thrown me. Just need them to replace the drivers side unit now then and both should match. Thanks all for your assistance.
  2. Bit of an update. Swapped the units around. And had a good look at the wiring. It would appear the I have two different units. One has the led strip and other doesn't. The one the dealer fitted was the incorrect type. Going to be an interesting conversation tomorrow with them. I plugged the left unit into the right and right unit into the left plugs and the rear lamp still did not work. Could this be an issue with the wiring in the light unit itself then rather than earthing? The plot thickens.
  3. Ok so just need to try and find the earthing points then for both the circuits. Like I say brakes lights work but rear lamp doesn't
  4. could it still be an earthing issue even though one filament of the bulb lights up and the other doesn't? or am I just being a bit thick, sorry don't know a lot about electrics :(
  5. Going back to the garage next Friday to get a replacement rear drivers side cluster and will ask them to have a look at the passenger side rear lamps too
  6. thanks Guys as far as i am aware both rear light clusters are exactly the same. i have swapped bulbs around and they all worked as did the LED strip when i first got it. And on my car there is one twin filement bulb and both filements are used, one for brakes and one when the headlights are on. i will compare both clusters tomorrow again but both use twin filement bulbs and both work dependng on whether breakes and / or headlights are on.
  7. Hi all, I have two issued at the moment. My car: Focus ST3 2016 - sorry is the diesel. 1. Drivers side - rear LCD strip (at the bottom of the light cluster) doesn't work - I believe that this is NOT repairable and is either a dealer repair or a brand new unit all together. can anyone confirm this or advise further? 2. Passenger side - fitted with a twin filament bulb for the rear brakes light and rear lamps/lights (when the headlights are on). The rear brake filament works files (both drivers and passenger side light up). when the headlights are on only the drivers side rear lamp/light works. I've bought new bulbs and swap them all around between the two sides still not joy - so not the bulbs. The original bulb had blown hence why I thought, just pop in a replacement as off we go, but this is not the case. Im thinking might have been a fuse. can only see one fuse in the manual for brakes light and since the bulb does light up when the brakes are applied don't think is can we a fuse issue (unless im mistaken). Maybe wiring.?!?!? please help as would like to get this sorted asap. Thanks .
  8. thanks tomsfocus. this is strange as its only started doing this in the last 3-4 weeks its been "fine" for the last 2.5 years ive owned it. very strange
  9. my Mk3.5 is doing something strange too, dial not even getting to mid-way and blowing cool air out even on long journeys. don't know about the trick to see the digital eng temp so please share this is anyone ones if there is one for the the mk 3/3.5?
  10. Hi all, Having some issues with my Focus 1.0 eco Zetec S 2015. For about 3-4 weeks now its been blowing cool air through the vents and the temp gauge barely moves from "cold". it is even doing this on longer runs on motorways. Then all of sudden it will appear to "warm up" gauge goes to the middle of the dial and warm/hot air is produced from the vents. It might stay like that for hours or within mintues the gauge returns to the bottom of the dial (as if its a cold engine) and cool air then starts being send through the vents again. Just been in for its 4th service today and the chaps say there is no coolant leak thermostat appears fine, they have plugged it into the computer and there are no issues/faults. I haven't got it back yet from them today but intent to take it for a bit of a blast when ive collected it to see if this still happen. just want to know if anyone else is having / had similar issues. One point to note - I use the car daily but only for about 1-1.5 miles from home to the train station so barely got warm even when this issue didn't happen. Eco boost says that 90% of journeys are completed on a cold engine (so I suppose that's not an ideal situation).