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  1. Yeah mate, happened after 40k Kms with me
  2. Thanks for informing me! Yeah that is what i wanted to check, do you know the place for the WasteGate vacuum line in our car? P.S: is there any special technique needed to tighten the wastegate arm? ( saw couple videos about changing boost with it) and do i have to take anything into consideration?
  3. Can someone tell me where is the wastegate vacuum line on the 1.5 ecoboost engine and how can i disconnect it?
  4. Remon

    WasteGate Vacuum line

    Can someone tell me where is the wastegate vacuum line on the 1.5 ecoboost engine and how can i disconnect it?
  5. Hello guys ! Do anyone know where is the place for the Vacuum line host for the wastegate on a 1.5 ecoboost? I have a rattle and want to troubleshoot where it is coming from . Thank you ! P.S: engine bay pic attached .
  6. Remon

    Odometer Change

    it is weird cuz on my old cluster i think i saw this function , is it cluster dependent ?
  7. Remon

    Odometer Change

    mind my ignorance , 1) I am using forscan on windows 2) shouldn't i press on the PCM for example then it tells me it needs the extended license ? i don't know which section to press to configure/change my odometer
  8. Remon

    Odometer Change

    i tried the forscan but got nothing ( see reply above) , Focccus i didn't try it cuz i don't have the ELM cable , i use the WIFI OBD i have .
  9. Remon

    Odometer Change

    I connected Forscan but found nothing related to changing mileage , if you have the steps it would be uber awesome !
  10. Hey, Just wanted to know what aftermarket parts do you have on your 1.5 ecoboost focui ::D , It can be anything , Tunes, Suspension , air filters , charge pipes .
  11. Remon

    Odometer Change

    Hello , so i changed the Cluster on my MK3.5 to a colored one , my car initially had around 48k km , and the new cluster i installed had around 22k , so i want to know if i can change the current mileage to the new one ? Thank you
  12. @rm9 @alexp999 @James Parnell Hey guys , i do have a 2015 1.5 Focus 150 ps version , i am now having this issue and have been trying to diagnose the problem for so long but i can't , nor the shops/ tuners i went to. can you guys tell me exactly of what is the issue ? is it the wastegate spring , catalytic or DP ? Thank you ! P.S: Did you guys feel a change in the car behavior when this sound happened vs before it happened ?