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  1. My mechanic has a lift. But it's impossible to simulate engine movement when it is up on it because you can't get the engine under load. He also has an old pit which he has not used in a long time, but we will take the covers off it in the next week or 2 and drive the car over it and go beneath to see what engine movement is like when the full weight is on the wheels. The dog bone mount has recently been replaced with a huge improvement but there continues to be a knock during gear changes 1st, second and third. This is what leads me to believe that driving it with the dog bone mount gone for a few days may had strained the other mounts.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have had mine back at my mechanic this week. For 2 days, there was a vibration from the front left side. It seemed to vibrate the while car. The day that I brought it to him, it stopped and hasn't vibrated since. He checked all suspension and shocks and all are good. He drove it quite a bit and was able to find the knock between gear changes. He put it over a pit and we simulated engine movement by alternating the brake and clutch, but he still could not see any excess engine movement. We compared it to his own focus - and his car engine moves the exact same amount. I'm still thinking that the knock is being caused by the top engine mount over the gearbox. I suspect that the vibration noise that the car made last week was metal on metal caused by this mount being worn and it may have shifted again to reinsulate it/sit on the rubber which has stopped the vibration for now. My mechanic wants to take some time to look at it again - he's not charging me, so I don't mind, but I think the best way forward is for me to eliminate the 2 top mounts being faulty is to replace both of them. We have been trying to simulate engine movement by breaking and accelerating. I wonder how realistic this actually is? Is it likely that there is much more movement when the engine is under the load of driving than we can actually simulate? My mechanic has tried moving it with a pry bar and it's solid, but I suspect that it would only take a very small amount of movement for me to feel it clunk in a gear change.
  3. Do any of you guys have experience of engine mounts? My car began to knock a little during gear changes back a few weeks ago - especially in 1st to 3rd. It gradually got worse over a period of 2 weeks. My mechanic diagnosed a dogbone mount worn out and he replaced it. However, since then, I have been experiencing small issues with knocking or clunking when I change from 2nd up to 3rd or down from 3rd to 2nd mainly. When the car is cold, if I take off in 1st, with no acceleration, it feels like the engine is wobbling. The car sort of stutters and you can feel the engine wobble. This morning as I reversed out of my driveway, I braked fast, and I'm very sure that the engine clunked with the fast stop - I had my foot on the clutch - so i don't think it could have been in the transmission. My mechanic is a good mechanic - very knowledgeable about Fords. But he tells me that he has never had to replace a mount in a focus other than the dogbone mount. (This means that he has never witnessed one that has shown symptoms of needing to be replaced). When I accelerate in 2nd or 3rd, I can feel the engine move within the engine bay, very slight movement, but it's still forward and back movement. My mechanic has checked the mounts by holding brakes and accelerating simultaneously in order to simulate normal engine movement by driving - he says that the amount that it moves is normal. He says that the 2 engine mounts in the upper engine bay are just suspended - they don't control the the forward and back movement of the engine. The dogbone mount is a genuine ford one and its only in it a few weeks. What i'm wondering is, do you know ford focus engine mounts? Could wear in the top 2 mounts be causing, what feels like, excess movement in my engine as I accelerate?? Could the clunk or knock when I change gear be cause by a damaged or worn out upper engine mount? My mechanic has not had time to put a lot of time into it to check it over (its not tat bad, it's driveable, but its annoying and I'm afraid that it might damage something else). He has checked the exhaust bracket and it is ok. He has suggested that maybe the knock could be in the gearbox. He will look into it more when he services it in the next week or 2. Anyone got any ideas??
  4. If you are taking off the bumper, it only takes seconds to put sealant around the vents. The bumper is very easy to take off too!
  5. Well my mechanic diagnosed it as a worn engine mount - the one over the gearbox. He has ford transit connect which exhibits the same symptoms - I assume that they are both built around the same chassis. He is replacing it as we speak and he is going to replace the mount on the driver's side too (Its a pretty cheap one to replace anyway). Hopefully it does the trick.
  6. Replacing the bottom dogbone mount hasn't 100% solved my engine movement. I'm still experiencing a knock when I change down from 4th to 3rd and from 3rd to 2nd. Also a knock when I move from 3rd to 4th. I'm wondering if the upper mount could be gone too? The mount over the timing belt still has the oil in it - it looks in hod shape. Does that mean that it is OK? Or could it still be worn? The mount beneath the battery is the one that I suspect. Is there a way to check them?
  7. I'm no expert, but I have been doing a lot of research on this recently. There are 2 top engine mounts (on mine anyway). One just under the coolant resevoir which is clearly visible when you open the bonnet - this mount has fluid in it. You can check it by pressing around it with your finger to ensure that it has not burst and lost the fluid. The second one can only be seen when you remove the battery and the battery casing. I don't know how to check it. My mechanic says that 9 times out of 10, the problem of shaking is caused by the bottom mount being worn. He put it up on the lift and was able to check the movement in it with pry bar. I had a long trip to do in my car yesterday. My mechanic worn't have the new mount until this evening. But during my drive yesterday, it got progressively. When I started it this morning, it had an audible rattle on idle and there is much more movement in the engine when I drive it than there was 24 hours ago. I know that this might not be much help to you, but its just some things that you can check.
  8. Thanks, I brought it to my mechanic this morning. He put it up on the lift and confirmed that it was the dogbone mount. He has one ordered for it and will fit it for me later this week.
  9. Over the last 4 days I have begun to notice a clunk when I move up gears, especially 2 to 3 and 3 to 4. Also when I change down gears, 4 to 3, 3 to 2, and 2 to 1 (especially). Took me a while to figure out what was going on, but I'm 90% sure that it's excessive engine movement. I opened the bonnet and had someone jerk the car forward and back with it in gear, and the engine moves quite a bit in each direction - kind of in a circular motion. So what I am deducting from this is that the 2 side engine mounts are doing their job, but the bottom dogbone mount is either broken or it has a lot of play in it. There is a small amount of a vibration rattle when it is started cold, but that disappears when it warms up. Anyone got any experience of these mounts failing? Are they an expensive fix?
  10. I'm down to the final piece of the jigsaw on my focus. I know that it needed a new control arm bushing, but when he put it up on the lift yesterday, it was clear when he pried it with the bar that the right side was well worn to the point that it needs replacing and the left side rubber has started to deteriorate to the point where he can get slight movement with the pry bar. Also from driving it, I'm finding that it doesn't sound right when it runs over little bumps or rough tar spots on the road and its handling is a little bit sloppy. I don't think that there should be any movement in it at all? So he has ordered the 2 of them in and will replace them tomorrow. This is my first ford. There is 100k miles on it. Previously I had a Renault Grand Scenic which needed control arm bushings at 100k miles and again at 200k miles. Previous to that I had a toyota Auris which never needed a bushing or any part for that matter in the 250k miles that I drove it. What would be the normal life of one of these bushes in your experience? They appear to be a relatively easy and cheap fix in comparison to the Renault
  11. Do you know what? He didn't have the common sense to seal all 4. I just per chance arrived back as he was about to put the bumper back on and I asked if he sealed all 4 and he said that he only did 2 because the 2 smaller ones had a good seal. He wasn't too impressed when I demanded that he take out the 2 smaller vents and seal them too before putting back on the bumper.
  12. Well it's done. The side vents were tight and appeared well sealed, but the 2 larger rear seals were loose and grimey when checked. Once removed, both cavities had water in them. So he cleaned it all out, dried it up, and sealed all 4 vents back up with sealer. He checked the light seals and they were all good. Finally, he washed and valeted all of the carpet in the car. So its like new. Hopefully it will keep the water out.
  13. Thanks for that. I really just wanted to know how much oil I would need and what spec is required. I have just bought 2 litres - that should do the job. I'll leave the rest to my mechanic. Appreciate the info!
  14. Thanks, I dropped it in to him this morning and he seems to have a lot of knowledge on them - he was able to tell me everything that I read in this thread. Yesterday I went looking for the grommet in the base and I took out the big grommet that is in the chassis rail - but no water came out. That's what lead me to believe that it might not be the vent that's leaking. So after looking through this thread again, I went back at it and found the smaller grommet closer to the bumper and when I removed it, water flowed for ages from it. The car is stink, so he's going to have to wash all of the boot linings as well. I went through the floor pans in the back and front and thankfully it appears that no water has gotten in there! Its a new car to me - I bought it at a significantly reduced price knowing that this needed to be done. Hopefully the sealing of the vents will solve it!