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  1. focus power steering pump and pipe

    My Girlfriends 55 Reg (less than 20k miles) Focus just lost power steering on her way home, luckily within a couple of miles from home. Looking like its either the pump or the pipe from the pump thats faulty. My job to investigate and repair later, Can anyone advise if its likely to be the pipe of the pump, all worked ok until it dumped all its power steering fluid today!!! Randy
  2. Siezed spark plug

    I took it in for a missfire???
  3. Siezed spark plug

    Can anyone clarify that if Ford break the plug they fix it at no cost to me? If this washer jet fault is a know problem why did the cars not get recalled for them changing?
  4. Siezed spark plug

    Thanks everyone i was thinking the same about taking it to Ford to let them sort it. I also have a Mk1 focus and the plugs are fine in that. (i mean they come out ok) Cheers people.
  5. Siezed spark plug

    Thanks, i forgot to mention i'd tried the plug removal with engine hot, warm and cold, still no joy. I have read that it is possible to shear or snap the plug in the head. Maybe its time to visit a garage???
  6. Siezed spark plug

    Hi, can anyone please help? I have a 55reg Ford focus 1.6, i aquired the car last year after a service and first mot. I have come to service the car myself only to find that i cannot remove one of the spark plugs. (no2) The plug wells are half full of rusty water!!! Is this normal?? Since cleaning the area and soaking it in WD40 for a week it still wont budge. But is again full of water. Since trying again to remove it yesterday the car now has a missfire under load and the engine warning light flashers when its missing, goes off on light throttle!! So my question is what to do next???? I susspect Ford have not changed the plugs in its life so far (14.000mls old) I have seen the problem here: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=498 and i intend to sort the washer jets but the cars running condition is most important first. Thanks in advance for any help. Randy