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    2005 focus ghia 1.6 100bhp
  1. focus 2005 water leak

    Have you sorted this problem yet and if so how.
  2. Just Bought a Ford Focus Ghia 2005

    just to up date on this issue i adjusted the hand brake to bite on two notches and the noise has dissapeared, any comments on this.
  3. Help! water ingress in boot

    I think you will find that it will run down the inside of the side seems as i stated in my last reply, try running the water half way down the light channel just above the lower light screw on both sides and then check for leaking through the two gaps on the under side of the trim if no leak then pour water from the top of the light gully just above the top light securing screw and then check for leaking again. Im convinsed its these screw locations as they dont look to be any way they are sealing.to remove the light undo the two srews and us a flat none metal item to prise the light unit of its two location pins you have to press the side of the two connecters and pull to remove light unit then you will see what i mean by no seals. atb hodges.
  4. focus power steering pump and pipe

    Has any one managed to get anything back for this and how did you go about it.
  5. Help! water ingress in boot

    If the water is wetting the carpet right in the rear corners of the boot and seems to be running down the carpet that goes up the side of the boot, take alook up through the small opening above that spot so you can see the inside of the rain gulley and the boot seam that runs down either side of the boot.There is where you may see drips of water that have run down the inside of the seam and then drop through the opening on to the side carpet, this is what i have found but have yet to have solved it i also dont beleave it to be hinges. I have taken the lights of and silicone sealed all the blanking rubbers and still have the problem i have also noticed that the screws and screw locations that hold the lights in place do not have a seal around them and at the moment trying to cure this .If you cure let us now and i will do like wise .By the way mine has,nt got a sun roof so i dont now any thing about drainage blocked. Atb.
  6. Had to replace power steering pump and pipe at 38,0000 on 4 year old 1.6 ghia which cost 500 notes so im not to happy. Has any one else had this at such low miles or now any thing about a problem and can i claim anything back of fords.By the way car was 1 month out of warranty, just my luck.
  7. Help! water ingress in boot

    Iv got aleak on both sides in my focus boot to, can you tell me more about this hinge problem like where the leak actually is .Cheers.
  8. Water in spark plug ports

    Had same problem with water in plugs area, changed to new jets and still had them leaking. You dont really need to fit new jets to cure this problem all you need to do is put a small amount of clear silicone between bonnet and jets and also between jet and seat if fitted. Does the job and jets can still be removed if needed with not to much trouble.
  9. Just Bought a Ford Focus Ghia 2005

    mines a manual, why.
  10. Just Bought a Ford Focus Ghia 2005

    Hi i have also resently purchased 2005 ghia 1.6 and also have the same problem, mine does it when lifting foot of the pedel and also when releasing the hand brake . this may indicate that the rear brake shoe which is also the hand brake shoe may need greasing where they rub against the brake back plate when actuated.Let us no if it is also on your handbrake. cheers.