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  1. So I tried again today. If I continue to hold the button/pedal down at exactly 60 seconds I get an alarm chime and a notification on the dash saying "parking brake malfunction service now" I don't hear any sound from the electric motor at this point and soon as I release the held button/pedal everything goes back to normal (alarm and notification clear). Ideally I want to see it remain in some form of maintenance mode before I go pushing caliper pistons back. Think admitting defeat may be the safest option here 😣
  2. I've tried that (10+ times), doesn't work unfortunately. It would appear there is either a new process or has to be plugged in at a garage. Unless you know that procedure to be fact on my model S-MAX? in which case I'm doing something wrong 😣
  3. G'day, anyone know how to enter service mode on rear brakes? (2017 S-Max)
  4. Hello 🙋‍♂️, 2017 S-Max, does anyone know how to put the rear callipers into service mode so I can change the rear pads? I've tried the youtube/google procedures referring to pressing accelerator and handbrake button then ignition off/on but that doesn't seem to be working, I'm guessing that's for older models. Surely its not a ford garage job to put them into service mode?! for example this doesn't work: