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  1. This is purely my opinion and may change the longer i drive it. Pro's Interior nicer Big touch screen but would have preferred it to look like part of dash and not just stuck on top. Auto lights Fans nicer to control Speed limiter for motorway Lane guidance control Now has a perimeter alarm inside. Cons Intermitent wipers less speed options Not a fan of keyless start for security reasons regarding obd. Unsure about the look of the backend yet...jury still out if i find it boring and now just looks like all the other cars.
  2. I lease a mk8 68 st line fiesta 140bhp. Its only 10 days old.. So far its been ok but im still running it in so not given it any boot yet. I noticed this weekend that both front headlights have a little condensation inside them and one of the spot lights underneath isnt working so im going to ring ford lease tomorrow and get them fixed. These things happen with new cars so i assume this is unusual and not a common problem. I have also noticed a slight oily smell in the car when the heaters are on so i'll get them to check that too. I have been on the motorway in 6th gear which is nice and was missing from my mk7. How can i tell if i have one of those GPF things on my car?. I had the mk 7.5 66 st line fiesta ecoboost 140bhp before this. That was a beautiful car to drive and i absolutely loved it. I did 20k in 2 years and i would say it actually felt better the more i drove it. I never had a single thing wrong with it from day one hence why i leased the st line ecoboost 140bhp again. Any questions feel free to ask.
  3. Thanks iantt, thats very interesting. You are the first person ive heard/read confirm the 10 minute lockout that the ford spokesman spoke of. Have you had this on any new shape fiestas? Does the alarm sound for the full 10 minutes? Maybe i dont need to bother with the obd tester if you confirm the lockdown happens on the mk8 fiesta.
  4. Ha i'll let you have that one, i guess i have droned on about it. A kid at work reckons he has an obd2 tester i can borrow so i'll give it a whirl and see what it shows when the perimeter alarm is set off. The ford spokesman said it rendered the obd useless for 10 minutes and it reset every time they tried to use it so its not just a power cut to the obd i wouldnt think.
  5. My area is nice, but the thieving barstewards come from the surrounding areas to rob us. No car on any drive is safe nowadays, these thieves don’t give a *****. They just cover their faces with a scarf and hoody. They also come in a group. i saw a cctv clip where a gang of 4 robbed an st. Two broke into the car, one held the door handle and one had a fire extinguisher ready to spray on the owner if he came downstairs. I have a very very powerful pellet gun in my loft. I’d shoot them from my window. See how long he’d stand there with his fire extinguisher with a pellet lodged in his face.
  6. Now now. If the technicians can find my obd 😎 Before it goes in for the service it will be back to stock.
  7. For anyone following this thread. I can confirm the obd port including the extra chunk of plastic does indeed fit high up behind the dash well away from dirty thieving hands. There are many places to tie wrap it. I was unable to test the 10 minute lockout claim from ford. I may see if one of my younger colleagues at work has an obd reader so I can see if it’s true. Anyone thinking of making a plate. Cut the metal to 25mm of angle. I’ve found 30mm was a little wide. It still works fine but I think 25mm looks neater. I won’t state exactly all the measures I’ve taken just in case some thieving scum is reading but I think I can sleep more calmly tonight. I’m hoping I have thought of a thing that even the toe rags haven’t thought off or seen before. I have used a multiple of different ways to ensure I get the required minutes to be downstairs and dislocate someone’s thieving jaw from their thieving head. Just make sure you deadlock your fiesta wherever you park it and keep your fobs in a faraday pouch. The decision now is if to get a steering lock to put them off smashing the window. I’m a little reluctant as it takes time to fit and put away each time.
  8. Im not sure of the ratio but some of these obd readers they use to clone the key and start the car are self powered. Removing the fuse will not work in that instance. It will stop the non powered ones, but those using the raspberry pi powered versions are aparently self powered as the computer needs to be running. The sticker is definitely a good idea. It was the first thing i did, as was the removal of the fuse. I remember in the late 80's when cars being stolen was rife, a simple visable deterrant like a flashing light would make the opportunist thief think twice. The sticker is a good idea for the sake of a quid or two. My wife said the sticker was a joke. But to me, although it is just a sticker, it states to the thief, you know about the flaw with the port and its been dealt with. Keyless cars are common now, especially with new cars. Its much easier for the thief to go for one where the owner is oblivious to the thread of obd entry than risk getting caught where stealing it would take time. Thieves want to be in and gone.
  9. I agree you can get to the port without the alarm sounding if they lean down with one hand in the dead zone. What I mean is if the obd is moved or a plate is placed over the obd, the thief would have no other option but to get inside the car to try and get around these extra precautions thus setting off the perimeter alarm. I tested the alarm, they arent getting far inside without setting that alarm off. What I am going to test tomorrow is if, once the perimeter alarm is triggered, the obd is indeed rendered dead for 10 minutes as stated by the ford spokesman. The Clifford alarm guy I spoke too said it didn’t but I want to test myself. Here’s my two cents regarding this thread. Does a thread like this give thieves an insight to what owners are doing to protect the obd? I very much doubt it, a thief will already have thought of these, and they will be thousands of other owners who will leave the obd wide open. They will just choose their car instead. This thread has taken a bit of (light humoured) flack, i know a lot on here think we are paranoid. But I think for just a couple of quid and a bit of foresight, we can save ourselves a buttload of problems claiming on our insurance, sorting out the courtesy car or even having to get home if the car is stolen while out. I just don’t want that hassle and I think this thread is great for us new owners, like myself, who have never had a keyless car before. I know cars have always been stolen, but it’s now back on the increase and it’s no co-incidence it’s due to keyless cars. It’s the ease and regularity at which these keyless fiesta’s are being stolen that gripes me. I saw a pie chart of cars stolen in the midlands and ford was nearly half of all cars stolen. So Ford alone was nearly the same as all the other cars, even high value cars put together. The availability of these readers is a worry and even a lazy thief can have a £16k car in seconds. Even with cctv, the little gits just wear a scarf and a hoody and there’s no court in the land who would convict on that footage alone. I’m sure if it wasn’t for the crazy EU legislation, all car manufacturers would have the obd well locked down, but we just have to live with it and make it hard for them. I know it’s not just fiesta’s getting stolen, but when you look at which cars are being stolen, fiesta’s seem to be the only “lower end” car in the list. Why? I do not have a ***** clue. I’m sure an st line or titanium must be more for parts, than being stolen to order to be put in a container for a foreign buyer (I would put an rs or an st in this category) paranoid? Maybe, but think of how we protect our house and sheds. I can tell you now even with the flat screen tv’s and games consoles, laptop, iPad, all the nickable stuff in the whole of my house does not come anywhere near what that car is worth. My house is like Fort Knox (or will be after cctv) but I keep a £16k car on my drive that in theory can be stolen in seconds, relying on the p1ss poor alarm that ford has fitted. I’m a little annoyed with Ford as they knew the dead zone flaw on the Mk7 yet have done absolutely nothing to combat it in the Mk8. They could have fitted a few more sensors in the dead zones for a couple of quid but haven’t done a thing to combat it. After having my car a few days, spending just a couple of minutes looking under the dash around the port, I’m pretty sure it can be moved or at worst very well protected. If I’m correct, moving the port will cost 2 tie wraps. If the port can’t be moved, it has cost me £3.49 for the plate, 20 seconds to cut it, and a couple of quid for security nuts. Even if you do nothing else, removing the data connection fuse until the next service could be enough to save your car. 30 seconds tops. Im under no illusion that if a thief wants my car he’ll get it, that’s what insurance is for. But just for the sake of a couple of quid I at least want them to have to work to get it. Hopefully, if they try on my drive, I will have done enough to give me enough time to get downstairs and introduce them to my baseball bat.
  10. I actually think it’s a valid worry, fiestas are being stolen to order, or maybe you all like to think it’s obviously not happening and there’s no problem with the fiesta obd port or a dead zone with the alarm...🙈🙊🙉
  11. It is the easiest and I’ve done the same. But some use a self powering obd reader ( the ones that use a raspberry pi I believe) so the metal plate is to stop those. To be honest I am pretty sure it can be moved quite easily. There’s a fair bit of room under the dash. That’s probably the cheapest way to keep the car safe. Tomorrow I’m going to test if the obd cuts out for 10 minutes when the alarm is triggered, like the spokesman from ford stated. Or whether he’s telling porky pies.
  12. This is great advice and the youtube vid is excellent. I have found a very cheap bracket that is perfect. Its 30mm square angled steel as per the video and 200mm long so enough for 2 lengths. Its only £3.49 at wickes. As its a meant for builders it has a few tiny screw holes in there but you can always fill them before spraying black but im not bothering. I am also going to use security screws as per the video. Take out the data connector fuse and put on a obd disabled sticker and you have a cheap way of making it harder for the thieves.
  13. Would they still need to smash the window? He was saying its the newest method that hes just been made aware of.
  14. Thank you. I wondered if he was just using scare tactics. I think an obd disabling switch is my best route. I think having a full clifford 650 is a little expensive for a lease car.