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  1. Thanks for your replys. Out of interest could you please tell me what year your vehicles are as I say I have a 2017 LOL sorry I just seen.
  2. Hi All I have recently had the misfortune of buying a 2017 Ford C-max Zetec 1.5 TDCi I have been complaining about a vibration at 1250 RPM this equates to 20, 30, 40 MPH I also get it above these speeds I also get it is parked up handbrake on out of gear and raise the RPM to 1250, I get the vibration through the steering wheel, dashboard, throttle pedal, and the floor so even the passenger can feel it in their feet, This make my hand tingle after a short journey. I contacted the Ford tech dept and they wrote back to me stating they have no known concerns regarding the vibration, I’m getting the BS from dealer it’s the characteristics of the vehicle. I had a DEKRA report and they say the engine is at fault and requires stripping to find out what the fault is. I am getting nowhere with this fault ford customer care just don’t care!