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  1. Hi Stoney, Thanks for getting back to me, so essentially this should fit, by a straight swap then? If I bought one without the lights etc, could I swap all them over from my existing bumper?
  2. Would this fit?
  3. Hi guys, I have a Ford focus Zetec mk2 2005, pre facelift model. I was wondering what options are available to me to replace the bumpers and skirts.. I see some posts about facelift parts both fitting and not fitting.. I've tried looking at the Zetec S stuff but don't want to make the plunge till I know what will/won't fit I got rear ended the other day so need to replace the rear bumper anyway so was gonna do the front and skirts at the same time Thanks, Fett
  4. Hi all, Just wondered if there was an engine bay cover that fits or could fit with some modifications on a mk2 engine as I noticed this one doesn't come standard with one. I wanted to get one as well as changing out the washer jets to prevent water getting into my plug ports Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, Got myself a Focus last year, picked it up from a mate, it's a 05 Mk2.. I've been browsing here since I got it and I thought I'd actually drop by and say hello! There's already a few bits I plan to do to the car, starting with replacing the washer jets for newer ones to stop liquid getting into the plug wells. Anyway, look forward to chatting to some of you and getting some advice off the rest of you! Many thanks in advance Kyle