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  1. I don’t sorry, it was all done with the warranty on the car at the garage, I know a lot of people with our car replace the standard boost hose pipes with performance brands just because of the reliability, hope this has helped - M
  2. Hi Kee120, I have a 2016 model, last year I was having same problem as you no warning lights, no fault codes showing etc, the garage I went to ran a pressure test overnight and found a leak coming from in the radiator somewhere.... it was then reported It was a boost leak, they replaced the boost hose and all is fine nearly a year later, hope this helps - M.
  3. Hi everyone, looking for some advice/help on my brakes. I have noticed when braking it sounds like the pads are worn especially when I’m coming to a stop. Saying that this morning when it was a lot colder outside 8 degrees I believe there was no noise when braking? So when it is typical British temperatures they sound worn but then when under 12 degrees they sound fine. Is this normal? What would people advise when it comes to getting new pads and discs? Thanks everyone - M
  4. Hi Ryan, this may not be helpful to yourself but thought I’d share my experience, I have a 2016 fiesta Ecoboost and last year mine was suffering with power loss, at first I thought yes it’s the turbo but after taking it to the garage they said ‘we are going to run a pressure test on it overnight as we can’t find what is wrong with it’. Next day they called and they explained that they had found a coolant leak from in the radiator??? They found the part that was damaged and leaking replaced it and it’s been fine ever since, hope this gives you more info and maybe helps..... - M
  5. Hi Max, I currently have a Zetec s 140ps I’ve owned the car for just over a year now and it’s been back at the garage more times than it’s been outside my house. I have had all the common issues with mine, power loss, gear box issues. I’ve lost all trust in the car tbh. If you’re looking at getting one check to see if it’s had all the common issues resolved if not you’re looking at a money pit. On a good note the car is good fun to drive and returns a very generous MPG, I’ve also heard they are tuneable to 200+ bhp, not that I’d consider pushing that amount of power out of such a small engine! Save up for an ST, hope this helps - Matt.
  6. Same problem here guys! 1.0 140 black edition standard, will not change down into 2nd or 1st at slow speeds coming from any higher gear.
  7. I have a 16 plate 140 black edition, like it says above I’m starting to experience synchro issues, had a leak in the radiator a few months ago meaning the car would lose power without warning. It’s also been in garage for multiple other little things. If you’re going to buy one I would %100 make sure it comes with 18month + warranty, the car itself is a fun car plenty of power, 45+ mpg without even trying, £20 tax for the year, Had mine for nearly a year and I can honestly say I can’t wait to get rid of it and that’s my honest opinion. Cheers Matt.
  8. Hi everyone I have a 2016 fiesta eco boost, the past few days I have noticed I am having great difficulty changing down in gears 1 and 2, every other gear changes down fine and changing up gears are fine, but example if I’m going down from 3rd to 2nd it will not go into gear. I have not noticed any change in the clutch or any leaks underneath. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  9. First thing I do before I set off to go anywhere is turn start/stop off, I think it’s stupid. But anyway it sounds like the alternator isn’t charging the battery properly from the ‘clicking noise’ you describe.
  10. So a quick update, the garage recovered the car on 8/8/19 and took it back to see what was wrong with it, they called yesterday and explained they can’t find what’s wrong with it.... typical, then they called this morning and explained they ran a ‘pressure test’ on the vehicle overnight and have noticed there is ‘a leak in the radiator somewhere’ so should be interesting to hear the what the update is - Matt.
  11. Hi, I had the same issue yesterday and the day before, I have a 16 plate fiesta ecoboost, first time it happened I was gradually slowing down from approx 50mph and it just lost all power and dropped to 15mph and wouldn’t rev past 2K. Second time I was going from 60mph to 70mph and it happened again, surprised the car behind me didn’t crash into me it was so sudden, on both occasions I be turned engine off and back on and it runs fine. I’m going to get it into the garage hopefully today to find out what’s wrong with, but I think everyone who is having this issue need to get together and complain to ford as it seems to be common issue and it’s unsafe. thanks Matt.
  12. Hi everyone I have a 2016 fiesta zetec s 1.0 litre eco boost, I was driving home today and the car suddenly lost power and would not accelerate past 2K revs (15mph). I managed to pull over safely, turned the engine off and back on and the car was fine, has anyone had any similar issues? - Thanks Matt.
  13. Hi have you tried looking at Cobra exhausts? I’m sure they’ll do a non resonated for your car. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi everyone, as the weather is getting a lot warmer lately the bugs are enjoying themselves splatting on my windscreen! Can anyone recommend a good bug remover, thanks Matt.
  15. I run 32 psi in all 4, have been for years, fill them up once every 2 weeks when they get down to 27-28.