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  1. So a quick update, the garage recovered the car on 8/8/19 and took it back to see what was wrong with it, they called yesterday and explained they can’t find what’s wrong with it.... typical, then they called this morning and explained they ran a ‘pressure test’ on the vehicle overnight and have noticed there is ‘a leak in the radiator somewhere’ so should be interesting to hear the what the update is - Matt.
  2. Hi, I had the same issue yesterday and the day before, I have a 16 plate fiesta ecoboost, first time it happened I was gradually slowing down from approx 50mph and it just lost all power and dropped to 15mph and wouldn’t rev past 2K. Second time I was going from 60mph to 70mph and it happened again, surprised the car behind me didn’t crash into me it was so sudden, on both occasions I be turned engine off and back on and it runs fine. I’m going to get it into the garage hopefully today to find out what’s wrong with, but I think everyone who is having this issue need to get together and complain to ford as it seems to be common issue and it’s unsafe. thanks Matt.
  3. Hi everyone I have a 2016 fiesta zetec s 1.0 litre eco boost, I was driving home today and the car suddenly lost power and would not accelerate past 2K revs (15mph). I managed to pull over safely, turned the engine off and back on and the car was fine, has anyone had any similar issues? - Thanks Matt.
  4. Hi have you tried looking at Cobra exhausts? I’m sure they’ll do a non resonated for your car. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi everyone, as the weather is getting a lot warmer lately the bugs are enjoying themselves splatting on my windscreen! Can anyone recommend a good bug remover, thanks Matt.
  6. I run 32 psi in all 4, have been for years, fill them up once every 2 weeks when they get down to 27-28.
  7. Hi for your fiesta 2018 it’s definitely the 33-3117. I’m currently looking at getting a K&N for my 2016 fiesta and I’ve been told I need the 33-2955, as the 33-3117 will not fit, hope this helps - Matt.
  8. I think it would be a good idea if cars were somehow limited in 20/30mph areas where people tend to be crossing road etc, as for 60 + mph roads the government need to look at things like people who aren’t confident enough to be on these roads or medically unfit, and idiots who sit behind HGVs at 55mph for miles and miles, if you aren’t confident enough to get up to speed to let the traffic flow naturally you shouldn’t be on the road, end of.
  9. Hi, I think them gains they’ve gave you are unrealistic maybe 98BHP to 120BHP (max). I’ve seen a 1.0 ecoboost with 175BHP but that was the 138 standard and he had an induction kit on. Matt.
  10. I miss my first car it was 2005 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 petrol, was a brilliant little car never failed me started every time and cheap parts..... then I wrote it off 😂 I remember the day my dad got rid of his Toyota celica GT he regrets getting rid of that car. I think the only car I regret not buying was my friends dads 2004 blue R32 offered to sell me it for a very good price aswell but couldn’t get insured on it. So yeah that’s it, got a 2016 Fiesta Zetec S now and absolutely love it! 🚗
  11. Thanks! I will do some research.
  12. Hello everyone, I get sick of turning the start/stop off before every journey is there a way to permanently keep it off? There is 0 benefit to using it in my opinion, thanks 2016 fiesta zetec s.
  13. Hi mike, if the fuse has not blown and the rear wiper is working fine it sounds like the issue is coming from the pump especially if you can’t hear it making that whining noise when you press the button on the stalk.
  14. Hello fellow ford owners, can someone tell me how this has fallen down? (picture) it’s in the passenger footwell and what is the best way to get it back to where it was? Cheers everyone.
  15. Hi everyone hoping someone can give me some advice, I went to put the bonnet up yesterday and when I removed the bonnet rod it pulled and snapped the bonnet rod clip (did not pull it hard just enough to remove it). The clip is broke so I need a new one, can anyone recommend where to buy one and are they easily enough to replace? I have a 2016 Fiesta Zetec S - Cheers Matt.