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  1. The A8 gearbox has been giving some mild issues to users in Finland, seems it can be sorted with software updates. Also, the BCM seems to loose track of how much charge there is in the battery, mostly it causes problems with S/S that stops working due to low voltage. Also it can cause problems to other electric devices deemed "non-essential" by the ECU. According to folks there is a BCM replacement campaign running, so watch out for that too. Also, both sides of my fully adaptive DRL's control boxes have been replaced under warranty, since they started flickering. -- 40 tkm with 1,5 TDCi Ecoblue.
  2. Register an account in FordETIS and check possible recalls from there, not Facebook.
  3. IMO seems more like a lazy "tuning" solution.
  4. Or when the car detects a faulty sensor in temperature related stuff. BTW, try telling "normal condition" to a car in Finland in winter with below -20C temperatures. I have a hint ... it does not compute. The temperature gauge stays down till you engine starts to warm up, period.
  5. SORRY my typo, meant Mk4. Nevermind! 😂
  6. Ok, that's news to me. I thought it only became an option with Mk3 Focus.
  7. Besides, was the speed limit sign recognition even an option in 2015?
  8. For some reason I really dislike the front of these type of Focuses. We don't see a lot of those here, IMO it's much more common in the UK & US of A. It's trying to look like a supercharged WRC car, which it is not. This is what my model looks like, I like it far better TBH. 😍
  9. The Mk3 AC is fast, much more aggressive than in Mk4. It should start to blow cold air in less than 30 seconds. Take it to a proper AC professional, many firms seem to know only how to refill and do a leak test.
  10. IMO "Active Park Assist" is not same as fully automatic park assist - it does not handle throttle. It is a separate purchase, which is "Active Park Assist 2". Does he have the pack in the car? I bought it separately - here in Finland it is called "Parking Pack",a and it specifically has AUTOMATIC parking. Note: Having something written in your car manual does not mean you have it. The manual is a general booklet that contains guides for all accessories, not the ones in your car specifically.
  11. You don't update any module's software by WLAN / WiFi. Only Sync is updated using WLAN.
  12. Just by any change, do you guys read you car's manuals?
  13. Take it to service, have them plug it in and restore functionality.
  14. Here in Finland all Focus Mk4 diesel cars have a factory-installed auxiliary heater, that's integrated to the car's control system
  15. The grill is actually for cold environments also, I managed fine with it on my earlier Focus for three years, with temperatures dropping to -32C at the lowest.