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  1. Parked car hit and run.

    ok thanks for the heads up. Think ill take it to a garage for them to look at to see the extent of it then decide what to do. cheers.
  2. Parked car hit and run.

    been to the station and police basicly said hard luck. Gonna get my self to the scrap yard and see how much i can get a tailgate for. Should be able to pull and fill the back quarter and get a new bumper. Im betting its some scumbag with no insurance. Gonna have to be a DIY job, will cost a fortune done in the shop and not worth loosing the no claims over it.
  3. Parked car hit and run.

    someone last night has smashed into the back of my focus and drove away. Came out to go to work and was greeted by my bumper being smashed, boots got one big line of dint right across it and the wings got damage too. phoned police, and gotta go station with my details. So annoyed but i know theres pretty much nothing i can do. Sigh..
  4. After a while of searching about powerloss in the 1.8tddi and having the cylinder heads rebuilt (which helped!) i came across a site which said to unplug the MAF sensor to see if theres a difference. While having the maf unplugged my focus pulled a little better, strange that it would work better without it! Definite increase in power. Gonna look into getting a new MAF but was wondering if theres anyway to clean it up, or if its dead once its gone. Anyone know about this? Thanks!
  5. My TDI

    New white mirror awaiting spraying. haha
  6. 1999 TDDI 1.8 feels low on power

    He sorted the problem, told me he rebuilt the cylinder head. Pulls like a train now when the turbo kicks in. loving it.
  7. 1999 TDDI 1.8 feels low on power

    Yeah it defiantly picks up alittle around 2000ish rpm. I've gave it to my girlfriends dad now to take a look at. Got fed up of searching for solutions, he's a mechanic. hopefully he will get to the bottom of it.
  8. Had this car a few weeks now and it feels quite low on power, had a mk1 punto 1.2 before this and that felt like it had more pull. Seems to really slow down on any kind of hill too. say im going 70 on a dual carriageway and hit a hill no amount of foot the the floor will keep it there and 5th gear is almost unusable because it slows down. anyone got any ideas? Oh also it has an error code of 9359 if i turn the key with the odometer reset held in.