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  1. ahhh yhhh thankyou il look into it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. i been doing so much to my car over the past few months and its been fun, stressful and all the emotions lol but im not sure on the engine and what i can do, im keeping the 1300 lump in there but would love some ideas on what to do to get her abit quicker
  3. thankyou mate and yhhh i wud never cut into it lol was just gna buy another one but yhhh i agree just stay with em how they are, cheers mate
  4. i deceded to put just stick on vents on my bonnet to see how they wud look just asking for opions
  5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hey is there anyone going to retro show this year up santa pod, il be there woth the old man and few of us
  7. out and about in the old girl


  8. its ok and thanks i aint seen that
  9. what does everyone think, im a photographer so facied doing an edit
  10. got a few more lil bits to do then shes ready to hit the roads, i been building her slowly lol
  11. very happy days lol chuffed to bits
  12. wahheyy she passed her mot the other day so next step will be on the road april fingers crossed
  13. heyy everyone hope your all well, just wondered if theres any meets coming up in april?
  14. o yes best way of doing it lol i am rubbish with all that stuff it goes straight over my head