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  1. yhhhhhh its a faulty alternator i got a new one on its way just hopefully this works
  2. presleymk4

    cant find wheel bolts for ally wheels

    i went onto ebay to find mine
  3. presleymk4

    my car

    so i put the new wheels on and shes lowered 40mm,
  4. new wheels on her


  5. soo i just been at the garage and was looking underneath to change my rear springs and its soooo simple i just undone the top strut from inside and started to jack it up and it all dropped down, i hope this is right but it seems to work, just one nut and it all drops down
  6. hey im presley and have always loved old fords, i went and brought a lovely 1990 mk4 escort 1.3, i have done loads of work on her to make her my own car, shes going to be my daily driver 


  7. oh but i recently put a new alterator and battery on her lol coz the old one was winning at me
  8. hey i drive a 1990 mk4 escort 1.3 and my lights are draining my battery, i drive in the day and volts stay at around 12-13 but wen i turn my lights on it drops to about 6 and keeps dropping and im getting confused, much appreciated
  9. presleymk4

    lowering the rear

    heyy i have dropped the front end on my mk4 escort and im going to do the rear, iv heard loads of ways but whats the easiest? im thinking just to drop the wishbone to pull the old spring out then use my jack to lift it back up with the new spring in place but i just wanba make sure that is right,, many thanks
  10. presleymk4

    spotlight switch

    heyyy im just wandering where to out my spotlight switch on my mk4 escort? any ideas are appreciated
  11. presleymk4

    im presley and new ere

    thankyou mate
  12. im presley and have a lovely mk4 escort i been working on from stock to my progress so far
  13. presleymk4

    hey im new

    hey im new here i have a mk4 escort i been slowly doing up and just would love some feedback and ideas