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  1. its ok and thanks i aint seen that
  2. what does everyone think, im a photographer so facied doing an edit
  3. got a few more lil bits to do then shes ready to hit the roads, i been building her slowly lol
  4. very happy days lol chuffed to bits
  5. wahheyy she passed her mot the other day so next step will be on the road april fingers crossed
  6. heyy everyone hope your all well, just wondered if theres any meets coming up in april?
  7. o yes best way of doing it lol i am rubbish with all that stuff it goes straight over my head
  8. wow i gotta give this a try lol, i no sod all about computers but il try
  9. o yess i might have to give that a go mate
  10. cushty mate wen i get on il accept ya
  11. hey everyone my mk4 escort hasnt got central locking and im really struggling to find an alarm system for it, did any have this problem and anyone know any ones i can fit
  12. o yes mate i like that lol il add u later on thanks my names prezzo91 on there
  13. ahh nice one i play gt sport but got boring, completed nfs payback but i love the rally games coz of the escorts lol and sierras 💪🏻 but yhhhh i play to pass time
  14. yuup i used mine the other day coz i kept blowing fuses from my spotlights lol so i pulled the lights apart to realise the wasnt earthing lol rookie error hahaa but all sorted now
  15. dunno if this is ok? just wandering if there is anyone that plays ps4? and thought maybe chat about tge best racing games to play? i just downloaded dirt rally 2.0, i only really play the racing games lol