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  1. no I didn't, wasnt aware there was any to begin with on my old alloys, as i never got messages saying my tyres were flat. Will have a look at my old ones to see if they are there.
  2. Hi guys, recently put alloys on my car. Moved from 15' to 17's. After i done this whenever my car starts up i get a message pop up saying my tyre Sensor's have malfunctioned. When i had my 15's on i never had any issues. to be honest wasn't even aware i had them, as i never got any notifications even if I had a flat tyre when it was obvious. Just wondering if anyone knows a fix to my problem. The dash light goes off if i reset my tyre pressure but comes back as soon as i start the car back up. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Looking to de-chrome the trim surrounding the bottom of my windows. I have bought matte black wrap to put on it, and was just wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to remove the trims to make it easier for me to wrap to a relatively good standard. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Lewis
  4. Hi guys just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out. Basically i ordered a set of Heko wind deflectors for my MK7.5 fiesta zetec. They came today but on the bags they came in it states that they are MK8. Just looking to see if anyone knows if they will still fit or if i will need to send them back and get proper MK7.5 ones. Thanks Lewis
  5. Hi everyone, just wondering if my 2014 zetec would be able to upgrade from 15" standard alloys, to 17" alloys, without any problems occurring regarding my suspension etc. Currently on stock suspension.