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  1. 2000 Focus 2.0l Ghia - Coolant leak, but where?

    Changed the thermostat housing yesterday and so far so good... Although the thermostat housing was still intact with no plastic bits broken off the seal was shot. Was a pretty easy job to change just three bolts and a couple of hoses, cleaning the matting surfaces was a bit of a pain though. The part cost just over £70 so not too expensive...as long as it fixes it! Heres a picture of the old housing and seal for those who may be interested:
  2. 2000 Focus 2.0l Ghia - Coolant leak, but where?

    Yeah, I've read a lot of posts with the thermostat being the problem, I’ve had a closer inspection around the thermostat and there is a small amount of white scale so good shout it could indeed be the culprit. :D Will get the system pressure tested tomorrow to confirm it (fingers crossed it doesn’t blow the heater matrix!), and get it sorted this weekend…IK lost my last car to a head gasket!!! Did you get the whole housing replaced or just the seals? cheers
  3. 2000 Focus 2.0l Ghia - Coolant leak, but where?

    I thought about a sealant like radweld but am kinda of nervous about putting something like that in the coolant system, once its in its in for good! Although... your success story is making me think twice. Was your leak a visible one? did it leave pools of water? cheers for the advice.
  4. Hi all, Looking for some advice on a coolant leak I have but can't find. There are no pools of coolant on the floor nor is there any signs of white scale in the engine bay, but I’ve definitely got a leak...topping up around 1l of coolant a week. Engine runs fine and shows no sign of head gasket issues, aside from the coolant loss. I got the car this summer and didn't notice any problems but when the winter came along and I started using the heating I noticed my temp creeping up and realized my coolant was low. Topped it up and all was fine until I realized I had to keep topping it up. This makes me think it’s a problem with the heater matrix, that and the faint coolant smell I get in the cabin, but ...I don't seem to be getting any coolant in the cabin...if it’s the heater matrix where is all the coolant going? I was going to have a look it at the heater matrix until I realized I had to take the whole front facia off along with the steering column (according to Haynes anyway) so I really want to be sure the problem is there before I tackle it. I guess I could get the system pressure tested but I’m concerned that if the problem is the heater matrix then pressure testing it is going to break it further and I could end up with coolant all over my interior and car that can’t be driven until it gets fixed. Is there anywhere else in the engine bay I should check for leaks before looking at the heater matrix? I’ve had a good scout around already but can’t see any obvious signs. Is there the potential for the water to be entering the exhaust system somehow ? Could explain why I can’t find my leaked coolant anywhere? Finally, does anyone know how hard a job getting to the heater matrix actually is? Any ideas on how long it may take? Reading through the Haynes manual indicates (to me anyway) that it could be a whole weekender! Any thoughts or advice anyone may have would be much appreciated Thanks