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  1. Glennington

    Understanding Mk7 Stereo Connections and upgrade help

    Hi Matt, I've received the ELM327 USB adapter and have got to the Central Configuration (main) window. I will probably play around with installing the new Sony head unit this weekend. I'm still not certain what parameter I need to alter in the central configuration though. I have attached a print screen of the two parameters that I probably need to change but I would like to get some clarification.. if anyone knows? Is it (with Sony Head unit installed): Digital Radio Receiver: Value 02 - DAB Radio System with PTY EU and ROW In Car Entertainment: Value 14 - High level CD and AM/FM Radio Branded ?
  2. Glennington

    Replacing the Head Unit and Stereo in Fiesta MK7

    Hi Matt, I'm about to do the same. I have bought the Sony head unit with LCD screen. My current head unit in my Fiesta Zetec 1.25 61 reg has bluetooth, so maybe a bit different. I'm waiting to receive the ELM327 cable so I can update using Forscan. I will let you know how I get on. I've been told you may have to upgrade your SYNC module, I have purchased a SYNC 1.1 (Serial No. beginning in D1BT-) I currently have a bluetooth/ voice connectivity module (pre- SYNC 1.0). (See my post for pics) I don't know if the connections are the same, so not sure if it is plug and play... Do you know if you have a connector to accept a SYNC 1.1 module? It is located near passenger fusebox, just above the passenger footwell. Link to my post:
  3. Glennington

    Understanding Mk7 Stereo Connections and upgrade help

    Ok, once my ELM327 lead comes I will update a setting in the Central Configuration - if I can find the relevant parameter. However, I have just tried using the new LCD. Similar to what is shown in pic below. It seems if I install the new LCD in my old head unit then the stereo doesn't even turn on! If I install the old LCD in the new head unit I get a frozen screen (as described above). If I install the new LCD in the new head unit, the stereo turns on (I can hear it) (AUX does not work though, the button doesn't do anything, possibly because of incompatible SYNC module with head unit) but no display! - LCD does not turn on at all. Do you think the reason for no display on the LCD is only due to the configuration set in the BCM i.e. I've just gotta change a setting using Forscan?
  4. Glennington

    Battery lead and red cover..How do they fit

    Are you having trouble removing the positive terminal? If so, just remove the nut on the right side of the terminal (on your first picture) with a 10mm spanner or socket. This should loosen the terminal connection, just wiggle and slide off. However, please note, if you are disconnecting the battery, always remove the negative terminal first. This is to prevent the car from being grounded - if the negative terminal was still attached and you bridged a connection between the positive terminal and a grounding point on the car (any bare metal of the car) you could cause a short circuit and damage something.
  5. Glennington

    Bluetooth menu missing

    Has the aux and phone lights on the display (the logos on the left side of the display) stopped illuminating when the radio is turned on? I had that problem when I pulled the bluetooth module fuse and put it back in (fuse 21 on a type 1 fuse box mk7 fiesta). What seemed to fix the problem was disconnecting the battery, waiting a few minutes and connecting it back up.
  6. Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade a Bluetooth / voice control module (see photo below of module) to a SYNC 1.1 D1BT? I guess I would have to upgrade the head unit aswell.. but do you reckon the connections are the same? I believe this module is pre-SYNC 1.0. (my car is a 61 reg Fiesta Zetec 1.25 btw)
  7. Glennington

    Understanding Mk7 Stereo Connections and upgrade help

    Hi all, The new unit came today and I have just installed. Unfortunately the LCD did not arrive... I have contacted seller, waiting for response. It seems the as soon as I turn the stereo on with or without ignition, the display is stuck at the splash screen, the stereo will not do anything no sound etc. I still have the option to go to menu settings for vehicle, clock, display and messages, just no stereo.. I have tried disconnecting the battery, waiting a few minutes and reconnecting but nothing... Also tried pulling out no. 21 fuse and reinstalling but still nothing... (I have the type 1 fuse box) Any ideas? Perhaps I need a SYNC 1.1 module? Or do I need to do some configuration on Forscan?
  8. Glennington

    Understanding Mk7 Stereo Connections and upgrade help

    Hi Craig, Oh I see, guess I can get a SYNC 1.1 for around 30 quid. I forgot to mention, I do have a white connector plug (it was plugged in to the back of the head unit).. bit weird since my stereo does not give me the option to access DAB.
  9. Glennington

    Help! Fiesta Style 2008 wont start.

    My gut instinct tells me to use your 6 month warranty before you properly start tinkering with it! If you have it - why not use it?
  10. Glennington

    Stereo Controls

    My fiesta (61 reg Zetec) does that sometimes aswell, the track and volume buttons switch around.. really annoying, they're also sometimes unresponsive, do you find that aswell? Maybe it is a software error - possibly needs an update, does anyone know?
  11. Glennington

    Understanding Mk7 Stereo Connections and upgrade help

    Thanks for the reply guys My unit already displays track names over bluetooth... Which one is the DAB connector? (the white one?) Does this mean I already have a DAB antenna? Do you reckon the module I have is not a SYNC module?
  12. Glennington

    Understanding Mk7 Stereo Connections and upgrade help

    If anyone could point me in the right direction for mk7 stereo connection info, that would be great!
  13. Glennington

    Serious Battery Problem....Keeps going flat.

    "Diode failures may also allow AC current to leak into the electrical system. AC voltage creates electrical “noise” that can confuse electronic modules and digital communications. A leaky diode also can allow current to drain out of the battery through the alternator when the vehicle is not being driven." ( It's talking about the diodes used in the alternator regulator. So possibly a faulty alternator regulator...
  14. Glennington

    2013 1.2 MPG

    Yeh haha, woops I knew there was a 5 somewhere.... Ah, that makes the fiesta averaging 30mpg... (£1.15 per litre) That doesn't sound right... what does it say on the trip computer?
  15. Glennington

    2013 1.2 MPG

    Assuming petrol is £1.50 per litre - The 207 was averaging 46 mpg The fiesta was averaging 39 mpg This sounds about right for me, I have a 1.25 (82ps) (81bhp) Zetec (61 reg) and city driving it tops 41mpg. (45mpg for motorway journeys) He may well be a bit heavy on the pedal...