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  1. Thanks for your help. I managed to find the loom part number 1843613 and i think it attaches to a part called 1843614 which runs to the boot using the curry fakra connector to provide DAB where traditionally the white connector is used but i'm just speculating a bit and i'm not exactly sure why ford did this. For now i just bought a new loom for the aerial so i could add DAB. As for the other connector i cut up the loom from the scrapped fiesta that i have (as retrofitting it to my car will probably be impossible) and pulled out the connector and its associated length of wire for power to the DAB amp. My thoughts were that if i find a loom to connect to the curry fakra, i can just swap it out. As for updating your car to DAB did you use forscan or run in to any issues?
  2. So I managed to get the DAB loom retrofit (I bought a different aerial loom) and my stereo adapter for my early loom working (I found an old wiring diagram), however I'm waiting on a ucds adapter as I'm having issues activating DAB with forscan. I changed the "digital radio" field in both the main and backup but the menu is still not available.
  3. Hi and thanks for your help. I assumed as much was considering asking a car electrician how much it would cost to get something like that done but I think I'm over my head a bit Haha Thanks for your help. As for the yellow connector I'm thinking on just getting a different loom as it is where the dab amplifier should go and I cant find any reference of it, or an adapter through Google. I assume it is supposed to attach to the gps reciever and the dab amp.
  4. So I've attempted to make an adapter loom using the two parrot leads and matching the colours from my early connectors to the late ones. Not sure if it's right though and I don't want to chance it. I also tried looking into the mystery I type fakra connector on the aerial loom and I'm still stumped as to where I can connect it. I assume it's for gps or dab but I cant find a factory loom for it. Can anyone help?
  5. Cant be sure if there is nothing plugged in but the head unit is capable as it has both fm (black) and dab (white) connectors. The module you have is one of the early bluetooth modules that is not sync capable. The late ones look like this.
  6. So currently i'm attempting to fit a sat nav to my early loom car (2009 Zetec S pre facelift) without sync. Ive managed to get all the bits from a scrap dealer from a facelift ST and i am currently looking to make the 24 pin adapter for the stereo using this post How-to Retrofit a non-DAB Sony to an early loom car. My first issue is the guide is old and i cant load the guide images. I was considering removing the entire dash and retrofitting the late loom but i'm not sure of its compatibility - i have everything on that loom for sync and the associated hardware along with some nice extras such as the loom for the reversing camera so id like to see if its possible but for the time being i'd be happy with an adapter. The second issue is that i have been given a full dash loom for the associated facelift car and i cant find any reference to my aerial loom and what the connectors do. Loom Mystery Fakra Connector Another Mystery Connector Thanks for reading and i hope someone can help.
  7. Hi there. Looks like you already have the DAB head unit? The fascia and screen should just be plug and play regardless. As for your mystery connections the black and white are FM/DAB connectors whilst the socket next to them is for sync as far as i'm aware.