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  1. So I bought a '58 plate 1.25l fiesta style as my first car a week ago. I bought the car in Bristol and then had someone drive it to Cornwall and there were no problems on the 3hr drive down. It has been sat on my driveway for a week, I go to drive it for the first time and it wont start. Turn the key, all the lights come on, radio & heaters work but the ignition doesnt even attempt to start. There is also a really annoying alarm that comes on when I take the key out, and then comes on every few minutes. (I have checked the red light that flashes and that operates as it should; flashes every second or so, when ignition 'switches on' it comes on for a second and then goes out, so its not a problem with not recognising the key) I tried to start it while rolling as its facing down on a slope, but when I release the handbrake it goes nowhere. I have reset the key fobs, tried jump starting it with my partners car, and I am going to try and disconnect the battery for about 15 mins to give it a mild reboot. Is there anything else you guys think I should try? Any suggestions/questions greatly appreciated as I'm desperate to get on the road! (I am also still under my 6 months warranty)